A bargain of a project

Much to my hubby's dismay delight, I'm joining him in his home office.  Not that I'm not in there always anyway...(Seriously, I'd say that 80% of my awake and at home time is spent in there...the other 20% in the kitchen.  We haven't sat on our couch in weeks!).  But joining him as in putting a second desk in there.  YES!  I have been craving my own desk.  Crafts and projects always require hauling out the folding table, my legs are constantly on fire from my laptop that puts off more heat than a fireplace (exaggeration, but barely)...I needed my own desk! 

I have a "college" computer desk in storage (read: my parent's barn).  You know the type.  El Cheapo, no drawers, just a top on four wobbly legs.  What I needed was a real desk, made of wood, with drawers for my crafting supplies so that I don't have to haul them out of a closet (what I need is ALWAYS in the bottom box).  Just open a drawer, and voila!  Ribbon!  Glue!  Paper!  Paint!  I can't wait for this convenience. 

An expensive "nice" desk is not in our budget, so I jumped on Craig's List and made my first purchase from Craig.  Just look at this lovely creation:

Stunning, no? I mean, what could be better than a dinosaur stenciled desk?  But do you see the price?  $15.  I saw the potential, emailed, they offered to drop it off, I said sold.  

When it got here, I was a little bummed.  It's wood covered laminate, with the side of it missing half of the laminate.   I guess I should have asked...lessons learned.   It'll definitely need some TLC, but I think I'm up for it.  I can be surprisingly handy...thanks to lessons from a father who worked construction/built houses/installed doors and windows for many, many years.  Painting laminate can be ridiculously difficult and tedious, but I've googled quite a bit and think a trip to Home Depot will give me all the supplies I need.  Just some elbow grease sanding, priming with GOOD oil-based primer, more sanding, painting, more sanding, more painting and then sealing... Easy, right?

I'm going to try my hardest to make this look good enough to actually put inside...instead of in our garage! 

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