Bulletin Board Revamp

My hubby has this seriously old bulletin board.  When I say old, I mean, since high school old.  Maybe even middle school.  Who knows.  But he wanted to hang it up in his office/our guest room, so I decided it needed some TLC before it could go up on our walls.  So I gathered the necessary supplies: brushes, paint and a cool stencil.  

I painted the cork part a grey-ish purple (just used the leftover paint in the gallon from when we painted the office, and tinted it a little darker with the black), and trimmed it out in all black.  After everything was nice and dry, I painted in the stencil.  Here's the final result (well, almost final.  It's not on a wall yet.  In fact, the paint wasn't even dry here!):

Personally, I think it looks 100 times better.  Plain corkboards are just so...blah.  This one has pizazz!

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