Exam Week (the first of a million)

We had the joy of first exams this week.  Physiology first on Monday, then biochemistry tomorrow (Friday), followed by anatomy next Monday. My hubby has literally been studying his hiney off.  Which is, of course, to be expected.  I mean, it is doctor school after all  ;)  He has been putting in a LOT of time between books, course packs, notes, supplemental lectures (those things the professors post online when they didn't get all of the information covered during lectures!), etc etc etc.  It's never ending.  And the flashcards....OH the flashcards.  Please, picture a hospitality and tourism management major attempting to pronounce some sixteen-syllable long medical term.  My most advanced science class in college was biology 102.  Needless to say, it's brutal. But I do what I can!  
  Hubby: "Why are you taking a picture of my flashcards?"
Wife: "To remember this wonderful time in our life!"
Hubby: (scoffs)

 To add to the joys of exam week:  My hubby goes to a brand spanking new campus of a medical school.  It is gorgeous, so unbelievably beautiful that it's almost too much...almost.  State of the art everything.  Fully integrated technology.  Sweeping, panoramic, wall-to-wall views of the entire city, the river, the skyline.  Basically, the building is eight floors of awesome goodness.  So we are super blessed that he is a part of the first class to go through this new campus.  However, (isn't there always a catch?) this has equated to the students having to help host ribbon cutting ceremonies and attend galas and lead tours when they could/should be studying to keep on top of their never-ceasing workload...Easy?  Not so much. 

I snuck into went to the invite-only ribbon cutting ceremony (I'm kidding - I was okay'd by the dean).  Alllll of the big-wigs of the city (we live in the second most generous place in the nation for charitable giving, so there were some huge financial donors) were there, along with some random alumnus who are now senators and diplomats and the like.   After lots of speeches, which were surprisingly quite good, they cut the ribbon and we all trapised inside.  Since my hubby was forced a volunteer, he gave tours to some of the kind folks.  Then we enjoyed some complimentary libations and yummy snacks while mingling with faculty and donors.  Talking to one of the deans was great - she kept stressing to my Mr. that EVERY WEEK, we need to have a date night: a scheduled, on the calendar, un-interrupted date night.  Pretty sure she was the smartest lady there! :)

My favorite part of the night?  After the celebration was over and a nice dinner out was complete, the hubby and I headed back to medical school.  There's a huge festival this time of year in the city, and they shoot off spectacular fireworks.  We weren't sure if we'd have a good view from the school, but decided to try.  Turns out, it was the best view in the city.  Check these out:

 Not too shabby, eh?  If we have to deal with med school for the next few years, we'll take perks like this when we can get them!

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