Fallen in love...with the library!

I have recently re-fallen in love with something from my youth: the library!  As a middle/high school student, I was in my town's library every week, always finding new books to read, anxiously awaiting the next book to come out in a favorite series (Babysitters Club, anyone?) and wandering up and down the seemingly endless rows of books.  Though it wasn't very "cool," I have always loved reading.   In the college years though, there wasn't much time for it other than my text books (yes, I was one of the few who actually read what professors assigned!).  While I've never stopped reading for pleasure entirely, it definitely was much more sporadic during the college years.   That bad habit has carried on the few years since college too.

With my Mr. not having much (read: any) time to entertain me in the evenings, I very quickly realized I needed to find something (quiet!) to do while he is busy studying.  So, last week, I googled the nearest library location and headed on over.  It was so cute and small, even smaller than the one I went to as a kid.  Just walking in, the smell of old books made me smile.  I headed to the counter and got a library card.  The woman who helped me probably wondered why I was so giddy!   I immediately started exploring and quickly accumulated a stack of books to check out.  They also had an awesome magazine selection, of all the ones I'd like to get (but I'm way too cheap to subscribe!).  After indulging in reading a few, I went back up to the lady who'd helped me get my card to check out my selections.  She looked up at me like I was crazy!  Apparently, nowadays, you check out the books by yourself at a little kiosk.  It's so tech savvy - you just scan your card, set the stack on the little pad and it gets all the info about the books and spits out your receipt.  I think that makes me old-fashioned not to know that ;)

Some of my current selections:
  • Mitch Albom: "Have a Little Faith"
    • I've read his other ones, so I figured this was a logical good choice.
  • Donald McCaig: "Rhett Butler's People"
    • Not sure how I'll feel about this.  I'm a die-hard Gone with the Wind fanatic, and tried to read the "Scarlett" sequel.   Couldn't do it.  I'm hoping since this is a different story from a completely different perspective, rather than a continuation of Scarlett’s journey, maybe I'll like it.
  • National Geographic: "Ultimate Field Guide to Landscape Photography"
    • I'm a photography junkie.  This was the only photo book my library had.  I'll have to jump on the library's website to reserve some from the other branches.
  • "Eat This, Not That" (the restaurant edition)
    • It's phenomenally gross and makes me never want to eat out again.  I will, of course.  But it’s so scary what we unknowingly put into our bodies!

After I finish these up in the next week or so, I'll be able to find some more treats to read!  I already can’t wait to head back to the library. 

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