In a "Year of New"

My husband and I are in a "Year of New."  We are newly married and learning our new roles as husband and wife.  We live in a new apartment, in a new town (which is thankfully a suburb of our 'old' city).  My husband is a new medical school student, in a brand spanking new medical school campus.  Thus, we have a whole bunch of new debt!  :)

All of this new-ness can be a little bit overwhelming.  A little bit terrifying.  A little bit intimidating.  But it is incredibly exciting.  We have everything we could as for; we have each other.  We are blessed beyond belief. 

This is our journey through medical school together.  My Mr. may be the one muddling through lectures and going to labs (to do things that make me squeamish just to think about!), but this Mrs. will be his behind-the-scenes support system and his secret weapon.  While his classmates are doing the smell-check on their clothes to see if they can pass another day, my hubby will have fresh, clean laundry.  They microwave their frozen meals in the student lounge, while my husband eats a nutritious and delicious breakfast and lunch packed that morning, and comes home to dinner that night (regardless of if it's eaten at 8:30!).  Our place isn't spectacular, but I'll do everything I can to make it a relaxing place, conducive to long hours of studying.  

I'm the wife of a medical school student.  Does that define me?  Absolutely not.  But currently, that's my role. Bring it on.

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  1. Hi!
    Love the blog layout and first post was very sweet :) Med school is such a great time - I seriously think you'll look back on these years with SUCH happiness. And it goes by so fast!! Can't wait to read along :)


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