The "Are You Ready for Fall?" Quiz

I saw this on another blog and thought it was super cute.  Now that I've put off doing it for long enough, I might pass the quiz!  (Since I'm grading it, I'm guessing I'll probably pass!)  Ready?  Set....Go!

1.  Do you have pumpkins (real or fake) in your house as decor? 

My dining room centerpiece has five pumpkins in it.  That means five points, right?  :)  Kidding.  Point.

2.  Do you have candy in a dish?

Okay.  So it's not in a dish.  But it is candy!  And it's in orange wrappers.  I give myself 1/2 a point.  Because I'm doing the scoring!

3.  Do you have a mum at your home?

No.  But I have officially killed my basil plant.  Green thumb, I have not.  No point.

4.  Do you have apples or peaches in your kitchen?

Score!  Two left.  The hubby doesn't eat them unless his doting wife someone peels them for him, so I'm the sole apple eater in our home.  Point!

5. Are your fall boots ready to go?

They so are.  I'm absolutely in love with my fall boots.  I wear them all the time.  Even though they are a little bit not quite the right size so my toes fall asleep.  :)  Point!

6. Have you grilled something lately?
Yes.  We have.  I don't have a photo of all the chicken we grilled this past week.  And I didn't want to take a picture of our grill, because it's hibernating in its cover.  Point!

7. Have you watched at least two football games?
I have watched parts of at least two football games.   I loathe watching football on TV.  I loathe watching almost anything on TV.  But I do it to spend time doing something the hubby enjoys.  Half point. 

8. Do you have a fall wreath or doormat on your front door?
Neither.  But we've never hung a wreath or put a mat out at this apartment, so I don't feel too bad.  No point. 

So five points out of eight....a 62.5%.  I think that's a conditional pass :)  

In other fun news, I'm guzzling water today like it's my job.  Why, you ask?  Because I'm heading to higher elevation tomorrow....Colorado here I come!  Visiting a girlfriend out there for our annual mountainous reunion.  Please please PLEASE don't snow again this year!  Hiking and biking and mountains and canyons, here I come!

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