Because who doesn't like free mall gift cards?

Some people may say that I'm frugal.  I say that I'm fiscally responsible.  We're in medical school.  For those of you who are unaware, medical school is really really REALLY expensive.  Basically, I've always liked a good deal.  Now, I look for good deals to counteract the impending and never-ending tuition bill payments.

This is a really sweet deal though, and you should check it out (even if your hubby isn't in med school!)

Christmas is coming - who wouldn't like to get a $10 mall gift card - depending on when your birthday is - to spend on Christmas gifts?

Check out this site to see if your local mall is part owned by GGP and participating in this.  I signed up just over a month ago (I just signed up using the hubby's information to make sure it would still work...he'll be thrilled at the emails, I'm sure!).  After I signed myself up, I received an email offering a $10 mall gift card.  Print out the email, spend $75 at the mall in one day, take your receipts to the Customer Service desk, and get a $10 gift card.  Sweet deal, right? (The hubby hasn't received this email yet, so I don't know if they're still sending those out).  

But I'm sure they're still doing this (as of a week or so ago!):   Got an email just the other day from GGP wishing me a happy birthday, printed it out and took it in to the mall and got a $10 gift card, no receipts necessary, no strings attached!

The gift cards don't expire for years, and you can use them on basically anything in the mall.

On a semi-related note, I also got a birthday gift card mailed to me from Express worth $15.  So thanks, mall and store, for the $35!

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