The Desk!

Well, after many weeks of hard work, the infamous "dinosaur desk" has finally been finished and has been moved from the garage into the office!  My hubby is very happy to finally be able to park in his garage again :)  

In case you don't remember the "before" of my $15 Craig's List desk, here's a quick reminder.  

This fine piece of...umm...craftsmanship... is originally from a college dorm room (you know, the kind that comes furnished?).  And you can see on the far left side that the lovely laminate covering has been peeled off (probably by whoever chose the primary colored dinosaurs!).

I ventured on to Craig's List again to find a wooden chair to go with the desk.  Here's the find!  $15 for this too.  The people selling it said it was an old teacher's chair. 

After sanding the desk and filling in the gaping holes with spackle, I primed it with Zinser Bullseye Primer and let it "cure" for the allotted seven days.  I sanded it down really well with 80-grit sandpaper and painted on the first coat of glossy black paint.   Sanded with 200-grit paper, re-painted, sanded with 320-grit sand paper, and repainted one last time.   The chair had the same basic method, but I didn't prime it.  Because I was feeling rather impatient and was sick of being in the garage!

Oh, to gross you out: 

That is not paint.  That is the dirt that I cleaned off of the desk chair.  That rag definitely bit the dust!  (pun completely intended)

I decided to add some knobs to the drawer fronts to give it a little character.  My heart was set on old-fashioned glass/acrylic knobs.  But after realizing that they were about $5.50 a pop, I refused to spend more on the knobs than the desk and chair combined!  We found some GREAT ones for .99 cents each...love it!

So here it is, long at last....The Dinosaur Desk!  (sorry in advance for the terrible photos.  I took them really quickly and in poor lighting!  I'll give some better ones once I get my area decorated).

And the perfect knobs:

And finally, the chair...which I will be finding a cushion for, because my bony butt can't sit on bare wood all day!

Tah-dah!   That's it...what do you think?  The hubby and I are both completely shocked rather pleased with how well it turned out, given the initial state of both pieces. 

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