Happy Birthday to me!

Guess who's a year older and a year wiser????  

That would be me!  I celebrated my birthday last week...there is no denying that I'm now officially in my "mid-twenties."  (Boo hiss - I'm getting old!)  Actually I couldn't care less.  Age is just a number right?  Like our height...or our weight...!

The hubby took off a little bit of studying time to celebrate.  It just so happened that I had a "birth-week" celebration.  There was a night with my in-laws, dinner with one of our "best couple" friends (whom the hubby conveniently introduced!), my folks and sister coming up on my actual birthday, and celebrating with the hubby's brother and his family. 

My birth-DAY fell on a Sunday.  We started with church, and then my Mr. made me breakfast.  Which was great.  (Because honestly, 98% of cooking responsibilities fall to me).  
Heart-shaped walnut pancakes...top with peanut butter, honey and banana!  Basically dessert for breakfast!

 After he cleaned the kitchen (hallelujah!), we went downtown to tour a little bit more of Art Prize (the super sweet art competition in our town.  Winner gets a prize of $250,000!).  We've strolled through some of it before, but here are a few we saw on my birthday.  

Eagle made of silverware

Steam-Pig Experiment...look at the size compared to the vehicles!


Lions made of nails

Shattered-mirror faces

(It probably goes without saying that those are not the names of the pieces!  Just a little of what they were).

After Art Prize we went to tour a Frank Lloyd Wright house (read: super cool, turn-of-the-century architect).  Photos to come in a later post!

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