Meyer May House

As promised...the photos from the Meyer May House tour from my birthday. These are just a sampling! Such a beautiful house, with architecture well before its time.

Sign outside the house.  On an average street, next door to other people's houses.

View of the outside of the house.  Love the architectural details!

My favorite thing of F.L.Wright architecture?  The windows!

Not too shabby of an office, eh?

Mural by dining room.  When the house was restored, layers upon layers of paint were removed from when previous owners had painted over this.  What a shame!

So that's that.  My birthday is officially over.

Medical school, however, is not :)  The hubby has been at his desk ALL DAY. He skipped didn't attend his lectures this morning, and has been studying for his two exams that he has tomorrow since sunrise.  And he now the sun has gone down.  There he still sits!

I seriously think that some people don't understand literally HOW MUCH time medical students have to spend studying.  On the other hand, I have to remember how lucky we are.  Compared to some of my hubby's classmates, who stay on campus until 11:30 studying, go home and cram for a few more hours, and get up early to start again, we have it relatively easy.  It would sicken them to know what time we go to bed (normally in the 10:00 range...old married people!).  But I really don't understand how people's minds can function on such little sleep!  The amount that I would retain from 10.00pm - 2:00am would be shockingly little!

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