New B.S.

(An acronym for Bible Study.  Interesting...) 

A couple of weeks ago, I joined a new bible study group.  I've only been in one bible study before this, and it was leaps and bounds different from my new/current one.  In the previous one, I was the only American (adopted by a random group of Australians), and we were a bunch of super relaxed young people who sat around on the floor on Tuesday nights, drinking tea, talking and sharing, singing along with a guitar, and taking impromptu communion with whatever supplies we had (champagne instead of wine, for instance).
Previous bible study group (read: very different than new b.s. group).  A crazy/unique group.
This new bible study, however, is very different.  I am the youngest by about seven years (my rough guess).   We are all women, and a third of them are pregnant.  All of them either have adult children older than me, or babies and toddlers running around their feet (literally - I am the only one without children).  We meet on Wednesday mornings and have a set schedule of discussions, with a book and study guide. 

Oh. And they are all doctor's wives.  

I got hooked up with the group through the Christian Medical and Dental Association, which my hubby is a part of.  We went to a CMDA picnic, and one of the women there invited me to come join their bible study group, Side by Side.  These Side by Side groups spring up all over the place, and are intended to be for wives of anyone in the medical field, including the wives of students.  I agreed to come, as I know medical wives have stresses that are completely unique to the medical field.  It will be very helpful to have these women as mentors as the hubby and I trek through this crazy adventure.  

That being said, I am the ONLY medical-school wife in their group (as mentioned before, it's a brand new campus, so there have never been any student wives here before).  There are only four other married med students out of the 100 at our campus, so I'll probably remain the only student-wife for this year at least.  I'm definitely at a different place in life than anyone else there, but they have all stood where we are currently standing. 

Hopefully I'll soon start to feel a little more relaxed with the other ladies and am able to open up and enjoy the time spent with them.  The study we're doing is called "The Lies Women Believe and the Truth that Sets Them Free" by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.  

A couple of the ladies have already read the book with other study groups, and said that it can lead to some pretty heated discussions.  So we will see how this group takes it!  It looks like it will be an interesting time all around.

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