Random Rant

I'm back from Colorado and I can't wait to share all of my beautiful photos with you.  I also can't wait to show you some nifty projects I've been doing.  I also can't wait to tell you about how medical school is treating the hubby and me.

I need to rant!

I really don't mail packages that often.  Maybe once every other month or so.  But when I do mail them, naturally, I expect them to get where they are supposed to be going.  A couple of months ago, I mailed a wedding gift out to some great friends who live in New Jersey.  Then, a couple of weeks ago, I learned they never received it.  Great!  And....failure to get a tracking number, which I have never in my life done, results in the wedding gift being declared dead and gone.  Sweet.  $50+ down the drain...plus the expense of buying and mailing another gift!

Last week, I started thinking about how we never got our wedding print order from our photographer.  Now our photographer is super busy, doing at least two weddings, maybe three, each week during the busy season.  Add in the engagement sessions, family sessions, senior sessions...you get the drift.  She's one busy lady.  So I think that maybe somehow she forgot to send in our order to the printer.  NOPE.  She did.  They printed it.  They mailed it.  It got returned to them.  (Yes, she did have my old, pre-married address.  But she said she almost always sends it to the bride's "wrong" address...then it always gets forwarded.  And I get forwarded mail all the time from my old address. But apparently not THIS rather important piece of mail!).  

To top it off: I mailed out a package of thank you goodies to my hostess-with-the-mostess out in Colorado.  This time, I was smart; I got a tracking number.  It was kind of fun, watching it go west across the country.  I was happy to see that it got to Denver, and told her to expect it that day or the next.  She never got it...never got it...four days later, I see on the website that it is now happily en route to be delivered.  EXCEPT.  It's now in PENNSYLVANIA.  


How does that even happen?  From being 2.5 hours away from the proper mailbox to being on the wrong side of the country!?!  I called the USPS line and they were pretty surprised by it too, and didn't have an answer in the least.  I'm supposed to hear back about this latest MIP (missing important parcel) within two business days.  So, we shall see.

Safe to say, I'm Fed Ex'ing from now on.

(happier posts to follow!)

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