Christmas Card Season

Writing to you from the in-laws house this morning, where it is a balmy 26 degrees outside.  We'll be celebrating early Thanksgiving today, which has me thinking: Where in the WORLD did November go?   I need to start thinking about, create, and mail out Christmas cards in the next couple of weeks!  Yikes!

Thank goodness for Shutterfly!  This site has been my go-to for all things photo the past year.  With getting married, it has been the home for our engagement and wedding photos, and was an excellent place to make a share site where we could send family and friends to get their own.  And now I am going to use it to create our Christmas cards, instead of painstakingly crafting them all by hand.  What's the point in all that work when Shutterfly has the world's most beautiful designs?  Plus, right now, all of their cards are 30% off!

We definitely want to showcase a few of our wedding pictures on our cards.  Which is why I fell in love with this beautiful design. I adore its elegant feel, the larger size of the photos, and the fact that it's a Christmas Card, rather than a "holiday" card.  

I can already see what pictures would go where!  Our second runner up was this pretty one, but we decided that we might have just liked it because there were wedding photos on it...

Shutterfly is a good place to mark some gifts off your "To Buy" list.  They've got great calendars that any grand parent would adore, and awesome photo books too.  My sisters-in-law are the queens of photo books, and they always look fabulous!  Some day, some day....  :)  

Thanks Shutterfly, for being amazing, as always!

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