Conversations with the future doctor

...you know this will be good...

Hubby:  {insert random medical goodness that I don't even begin to understand and may-or-may-not be tuning out slightly...yadda yadda yadda....talking with classmates about something from lecture...then my ears perk up for these three words} "The warm carpet."

Me: "Wait, what?  The carpet is warm at school?"

Hubby: "That's not the point."  {begins to return to med-speak}

Me: "But wait, is the floor really warm?  Like, in every room of the building?"

Hubby: "Yes."

Me:  "That's so strange, why would the carpet feel warm??"

Hubby: "Because they heat the building by running hot water through all the floors."

Me: "Seriously?  Wait.  How do you know this? How do you discover that the floors are warm???"

Hubby: "Well, honey, we spend a lot of time there.  Sometimes, we get tired and lay on the floors.  And they are warm."

HA!  Future doctors of America, ladies and gentlemen.
Have a great Thanksgiving weekend!  Baking some crusty bread as we speak/type & read
for tomorrow's feast at my parents house. 

Oh, and here's my confession photo:

It's been Christmas at our house for a week already!  Never in my life have I decorated before Thanksgiving...it's normally the weekend after Thanksgiving. 

But what can I say - It's our first Christmas together, and we couldn't wait to decorate!  

AND those are presents for me under the tree.  Way to go hubby!


  1. Aw beautiful tree! And seriously? I swear we have the exact same wedding cake ornament!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Heehee. He lies on the floors? Hilarious!

    Love the sneak peek of your tree! Looks beautiful!

  3. Just found your blog & I was looking at your first year of medical school posts and found this one. It made me laugh because at my law school, it is VERY common to see at least two sleeping law students somewhere--the lounge outside the library, the student lounge/kitchen, or yes, even in the library itself, whether it be in the middle of the HUGE atrium style library, tucked away on the 4th floor on a couch in the corner, or in a private carrel with the lights off so that all can be seen are feet sticking out from a desk.

    Ah... the joys of professional school! ;)

    Jackie @


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