Guess who I'm sitting by?

(and by, I mean "sitting by," I really just mean that we are in the same room)...

My husband :)

He's had a crazy week.  From Wednesday until now, I swear the only awake time I had with him was in the morning while getting ready for the day.  Thursday was the worst.  My hubby had class/lectures/labs all day from the normal 8.00-5.15, studied at school for a couple of hours, then shadowed in the ER from 8-midnight.   Normal class-y stuff on Friday, and then I went to the dinner theater (sounds way more classy than it was.  Standard attire included camo and flannel) with my parents and sister.  The hubby passed on the show so he could study.  So we saw each other around 10pm last night. 

While this might be a standard for some Med School Hubby's, mine makes it a serious point that if there is any studying he can do at home, he does it at home.  Does that make me spoiled, that I get to see his handsome face frequently?  100%. 

But the crazy week doesn't matter anymore, because I'm sitting by him now.  And we get to (pretty much) spend all of today together.  Granted, he'll be studying all morning and afternoon, but at least he will be here!  

In a nutshell, this is how every Saturday morning should be spent: together. 

And then we have a family birthday party tonight, which will be great fun + more togetherness.  

This MD School Mrs. is all smiles this morning (even if we did get up on a Saturday when the clock started with a 6 still!)

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