Recent Acquisitions

We have had some recent acquisitions of a rather medical nature.  They are very, very cool.  And they make it very, very real that my hubby will soon be Dr. Hubby.  It might seem strange, but at the hubby's med school, they don't need their doctor equipment until their second semester.  They had a "discount" (whoever did the pricing needs to work on their definition of a discount!) sale at the school, so the hubby got everything he'll need to start learning how to examine his patients.  He brought all these goodies home last night, and I got super pumped!

I was most excited for this.  Because I can play with it :)  Under future-doctor supervision, of course!

His Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope.  I can't wait for him to learn what all those ocean-like sounds actually mean!  

Also from his bag of goodies came his otoscope.  What the heck is that?  The tool that doctors use to look in your ears and eyes and nose and mouth.

(Note that I didn't remove it from the plastic - that is because I saw the price tag.  And immediately decided to stop touching it!).

Finally...the patella hammer, tuning fork, and pen light...because everyone needs their tuning fork handy!

He also bought a blood pressure cuff, but it has to be shipped.  Final price tag?  A lot.  More than my entire Christmas budget.  Plus groceries for a month.  Roughly.  Yeesh....bring on next semester's loan money already!


  1. Might I suggest getting the equipment engraved or otherwise marked that it is your husband? They get LOST and never returned and MAN, we have to replace a stethoscope TWICE now. Not fun!

    I love that you like to "play" with these tools. That's awesome.

  2. Oh my! My "doctor" is about to start his first year in 3 weeks, I think I'm more excited than he is....can't wait to play with a stethoscope haha!


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