Things that make me a cool wife

Not to be modest or anything (ahem!)...My hubby's medical school friends think I'm pretty cool.  It's not just the fact that I do his laundry and send him to school with lunches that his friends salivate over.  

It's because, every once in a while, I get my Mr. something super sweet, like his "Halloween Costume," which he wore to school the Friday before Halloween. I saw it at the store and literally fell in love with it.  Stood there giggling excitedly, while people looked at me like I was off my rocker.  As I bought it, I was tempted to tell everyone why it was so perfect.  (I refrained).

But EVERYBODY, students and professors alike, asked him about it...His answer?  "My cool wife got it for me."  (Hence them believing me to be cool!)

Curious what this awesome costume might be?  The super sweetness that he almost refused to wear because he thought it was too nerdy (this coming from a med student.....)?

Tahhh-dah!  Isn't it fabulous?  Totally like one of those "tuxedo" shirts.  I know, I know, not really a costume, and I'm fairly certain that it was just meant to be a regular, everyday shirt (it was definitely on a shelf with other normal shirts).  

The hubby had a seminar he had to be for real dressed up later that day, not costume dressed up, so he put a dress shirt over it.  Afterwards, we were out to dinner with family, and the joy on our nephew's face when his uncle showed him what was under his 'fancy clothes' was PRICELESS.  

And this is what doctors look like during residency.  I assume.  =D

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