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For my crafty project of the day (that has been laying around in various stages for the past month and is still not technically complete!): Our travel map. 

I hesitate to even post this yet, because right now, it's just "a map," not "a travel map."  

Because a travel map would have pins put in, one color for where I have traveled, one color for where the hubby has traveled, and another color for where our travels have taken us together.  

(but I can't find anywhere to buy just a single color of pushpins!  All I want is plain black and plain white and plain clear...)

This idea is a spin-off of something I saw over on Brittany's Living Life Abundantly Blog  She is a fellow wife of medicine, and I loved what she did with her driftwood mirror!  

I started with these willow branches.  Which I bought.  I paid for sticks.  Officially a city girl.

I had ordered an antique looking map from Amazon for $5, and got a big old sheet of foam board to mount it on.  

I broke all of the branches into different sized pieces, and took them to the garage to spray paint them black (I seriously think our neighbors believe I live in the garage and paint all day!).  I ran out of spraypaint, so they weren't necessarily painted very uniformly, but I can claim we were going for the rustic effect!  When they'd dried, I got out my trusty hot glue gun and started going to town!  The map is 24" x 48" so I had my work cut out for me.  Plus I burned myself.  I literally always burn myself when a hot glue gun is present!

All in all a pretty easy project.  Now just to find the right pushpins to mark off our travels and convince the hubby to take time from studying and hang it in the office somewhere! 

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  1. That's such a cute idea, and I happen to have a few sticks laying around... ;-)

    I was so happy to find your blog, the background is so gorgeous, and you have THE best attitude about being a medwife out there! I'm excited to read about your adventures.


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