When men do arts and crafts...

...this is the result!  

(I'm ashamed to publish a picture with the office in such chaos, but it is so funny that I had to!  I took it with my camera phone really late at night, so I'm sure it's terrible - don't enlarge it!)

The hubby's school seems to believe that it's important to "be a person" as well as "be a doctor."  So he got to do this busy work Creative Reflective Project on the doctor/patient relationship and the humanness of physicians.  It could be done using any medium.  When he turned his in, the hubby said there was everything from musical compositions to heart-shaped cakes to drawings.  You can see the bits and pieces of his project scattered all over the floor.

He definitely didn't wait to do it until the night before it was due.  Oh no.  No, if that was the case, it would probably look like a tornado of arts and crafts supplies went through our office. 

Ha :)

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