Christmas decorations

Want to see some of our Christmas decorations?  I thought so!  The hubby and I went crazy at the day-after Christmas sales last year.  We definitely ended up with waaaay more ornaments than we needed, but other than that, we did pretty great!   Tree skirt, stocking holders, lights, a tree topper, wrapping paper, the whole nine yards...all on clearance!  What more could a girl ask for??

 Our slightly crooked beautiful tree!  It's totally a Charlie Brown tree; super cheap that the hubby bought in college, as a temporary, bachelor-pad appropriate tree.  But it fits well in our space, and we decided it'd be much smarter to just use this one instead of getting a new one.  Eventually, we will definitely have real, fresh-cut, "went-to-a-farm-picked-it-out-and-cut-it-down-ourselves" trees.  But for now, this one is great.  It looks gorgeous at night with all the lights on.  And we got a pine tree scented candle, so we can pretend that it's a real tree!

See that adorable pipe cleaner garland at the bottom of the tree?  The hubby made that when he was about five years old.  And presents!  I may or may not have mandated the wrapping paper options to three choices to make the tree look more cohesive...is that allowed? 

 That white paper might be my absolute favorite ever!

Isn't he so cute?  My mom got us this little doctor snowman ornament :)  

(You can see how painfully fake-looking our tree is in this picture!  And the little red berries at the top?  My favorite way to add color to a tree!)

Our fireplace and mantle!  The first time I've ever been able to hang a stocking on a fireplace.  (please note that our poinsettia is already being a victim to my black thumb).

I adore that sign!  Picked it up at a craft show after Thanksgiving.  Note that it is hung with twine because the hubby refused to let me put yet another one measly nail hole in the wall.  

I wasn't kidding about the plethora of ornaments!  They were coming out our ears!  See that table runner?  We got an entire set of table linens, all hand-quilted, from a friend of the family for a wedding gift.  Talk about a labor of love!  They are perfect for the holidays, too! 

There are also some very lovely decorations in our "outdoor space" (aka balcony!).  The hubby put up garland and lights all around the railing and we even have a lighted star in the center!  However.  There are no pictures.  Because we have five inches of snow and I refuse to go outdoors unless absolutely necessary.  Or to get the mail.  Because Christmas cards are beginning to come!

Finals start next week.  Which means that we don't sleep in on Saturdays.  But hey - it's before 10:00 and I've already accomplished quite a few things off of my to-do list!  

(Don't mind the breakfast dishes sitting un-washed in the kitchen.  Priorities, people!)
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  1. Love love love love love love your Christmas decorations!

  2. Wow! I love your decorations... Those photos look like they could be in a magazine!


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