Final Exam Week Means...

  • Final exam week means grading the hubby's practice exams.  A E E C D B C E
  • Final exam week means near silence when the husband is home to encourage good studying.  No radio.  No TV (not that I watch TV).  No vacuuming (darn!).
  •  Final exam week means wrapping all of the Christmas gifts by myself (that's gifts for 23 people.  Plus a stocking.  Plus a Christmas gift exchange which added in 8 more gifts).
  • (Which, if you add the previous two points up, it means that while wrapping said gifts, I had to do it without Christmas music.  Have you ever wrapped gifts sans Christmas music?  Let me tell you, it is really boring to sit and wrap gifts in silence).
  • Final exam week means giving frequent neck rubs to ease the tension of the hubby looking down at his notes/computer/books for 12 hours straight.
  • Final exam week means me fixing a stool which had gone wobbly, instead of having the hubby do it.  Which also means it to me forever to find the allen wrenches, because my husband has a lack of organization with his tools.  And seriously, furniture manufacturers?  Just use a phillips screw.  I know where that tool is!
  • Final exam week means listening to our church's sermon online instead of actually going to church, because it's a 25 minute drive each way, and that's an extra 50 minutes of studying!
  • Final exam week means prefacing every sentence with, "Hey babe?  Sorry to bother you..."  And then waiting for several minutes for him to finish his train of thought/practice problem, by which time I've long forgotten what incredibly important thing I was going to say.  
  • (Which means I write him notes a lot, ["can you take the garbage out in the morning?"] and let him read them when he gets around to it).
  • Final exam week means each night after I create a normal everyday dinner culinary masterpiece, my husbands scarfs it in 60 seconds or less and immediately returns to his desk, while I finish eating alone, chewing and swallowing every bite like a non-medical student.
  • Final exam week means falling asleep every night in the chair/on the couch because I don't like to go to bed before the hubby, and he studies way past my bedtime. 
  • Final exam week means telling our friends that we can't go out to dinner with them, simply because, "It's finals week."
  • Final exam week means being conscious of when the hubby is losing focus (aka flipping through pages randomly, picking something up, putting it down and picking it up again a second later) and making him stop studying to do some pushups or throw a medicine ball back and forth.  Something to get his blood flowing to the rest of his body, NOT just his brain!

Final exam week is officially over on Thursday for us.  Can you wait?  I can't wait!

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  1. Thank goodness it's almost over! :-)

    You are being an excellent medical student wife though - sounds like you've got the "job requirements" down pat! I hope you get to celebrate together when exams are over.


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