In case you thought I was exaggerating...

Just in case you thought I was exaggerating about the number of presents that I wrapped...

I have no idea why it's such a poor quality photo, but you can almost see the decorations out there on our balcony! 
So there's the presents for the hubby (but those aren't even in this picture; they're under the tree).  Our parents (who total 4 people).  Our grandparents (4).  Our siblings (5).  Our nieces and nephews (4).  My close friends - plus a son for one (5).  That makes 23 people.  Plus the stocking (my husband's favorite part of Christmas is his stocking.  His parents have left my HUGE stocking shoes to fill, and I fear it will never live up to his expectations).  Plus the gift exchange game (adds in 8 gifts...that's what those ugly gifts are on the far right - purely out of scraps of paper, because hey, the ugly presents are always the ones that get fought over!).  

That's.  A.  Lot.  Of. Presents.  Like, potentially a disgusting amount.  We don't even have our own children yet!   

Though we did stay within in my estimated budget.  Chalk another one up to coupons and Swagbucks!...Definitely saved $15 on Amazon purchases through them :)   

[Want to know what the most ridiculous part of me buying Christmas gifts for the hubby is?  If I only got the husband PENS for Christmas, he'd be happy.  He has become a bit of a pen snob.  For example, he requires them to write smoothly, dry quickly, have black ink, and be of a "clicky" nature.  Everyone who asked what types of gifts he would like for Christmas received the same answer: PENS.  (Yes, I did get him some.  I hope he gets so many pens that he doesn't know what to do with them!).  I can't tell if this is a "any male who writes all day" thing, or a "doctor" thing...but, seriously.  He's all about the pens!]

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