Simple and Sophisticated Cranberry Centerpiece

I saw this and immediately fell in love.  This would be the perfect centerpiece to grace any table this holiday season!  Maybe several in a cluster, or one along the fireplace's mantle?

Photo from Weight Watchers Magazine
How beautiful!  Simple, yet sophisticated.  Just place fresh flowers and cranberries in a vase and fill halfway with water.  Viola!  Plus, I just picked up bagged fresh cranberries from Aldi for $0.25!  So if you find a bouquet for a decent price, you can add "inexpensive" to the description, too :) 

Two other gorgeous variations for your viewing pleasure.  Wouldn't it look nice to have something like the above photo flanked with several of these on each side?

Photo from thisnext.com
A bit more elaborate...so lovely!
Photo from eHow.com

I'm feeling like this is a must do....what about you??


  1. LOVE! Yeah, some variation on this in definitely going to happen.

  2. WeightWatchers Magazine. Really?

    Do you have a subscription to this or is this something you stumbled upon online?

  3. Go for it Hanna! Can't wait to see the results :)

    And Katelin, yes, I have a subscription to Weight Watchers! They have really good recipes...and I (naturally) got a bargain of a deal on the subscription...


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