The Story of a Lifetime

Every year at Christmas, my mom's side of the family always does a Secret Santa-esque gift exchange between the whole family (all of the brothers and sisters of their generation, their children, and their parents...and the esque comes into play because we all know who has the other people...so not very heavy on the whole secretive aspect!).  We all draw a name and have a dollar limit to spend, and then on Christmas Eve, we all get together at my grandparents place, eat lots of food, play games and open our presents.

The Hubby and I totally and completely 100% rigged happened to draw out my grandparents names.  I am so excited about this awesome Christmas gift that I've found for them.

Enter "The Story of a Lifetime!"  It's a mostly-blank novel that has 500-some questions with space to fill out answers.  The gift receiver is to answer all of these questions about their heritage, childhood, education, career, parents and family, hopes, dreams and accomplishments.  Basically, it's a guided "write your own autobiography."  

I just think it's such an awesome way to give all the wonderful details of your lifetime to future generations.  So really, we're giving them a gift to give to us!  

There is some mild concern from various family members that my grandparents won't do it.  Personally, I think they'll be jazzed about it (okay, at least my grandma.  She might have to force my grandpa to do it!).  If they aren't, I'm totally going to sell a tear jerker story about how we'll be the first grandchildren to give them great-grandchildren (most likely.  I mean, we are their only married grandchildren, so the chances are pretty high that it will be us!), and how we want them to know how awesome their great-grandparents are....and so on. :)   

Hopefully they like it.  If you also think it's an amazing gift idea, buy.com has the best price on it.  Trust me.  I've looked everywhere.  ;)

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  1. I think it's an awesome gift! I wonder if you could go through it WITH them, to both make sure they do it and to add an extra layer of awesomeness to it? Older people usually LOVE to talk about their memories with the younger generation.

    Also, I think it's fabulous that you're doing this now. My mom got histories from both my grandmas before they passed away... But their health was already deteriorating at the time. I think you'll get a much richer history while they are in good health.


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