To the Show!

(So lately this has turned into a Holiday Blog, rather than a blog about the adventures of a medical student and his wife.  But really, all the med student has been doing, non-stop, for the past week, is studying for finals.  I think it would probably bore both you and I if all I told you about was the endless notes and quizzing and practice exams.  So I'm picking to tell you about the more fun, festive things that I do while the hubby is otherwise busy.  Because yes, life does still happen despite finals!).  

Yesterday, I did something I've never done before - I went to see the Nutcracker!  After a great lunch out with one of my best girlfriends Shannon, her mom and her sister-in-law, we went to watch the show.  It was great! It's been a very, very long time since I've been to a ballet.  Shannon took dance classes from age three to age eighteen, so she was super jazzed to see it.  (And the hubby was super jazzed that he DIDN'T have to go see it!  He normally happily obliges and accompanies me on such adventures, but with finals looming, he gladly opted out of this one). 

The dancers amazed me with their agility, grace and flexibility.  There is no way in the world my body could do the things that theirs did!  The set was beautiful, the costumes stunning and the music dramatic.  It was such an awesome time!  Thanks for coming with me, ladies :) 

The people that danced these roles at our show were married in real life!  So cute!

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