Back to the grind...

We are officially "back in the grind" as the hubby started his spring semester today (side note - I like how the school calls it "spring" when in reality, it's still the dead of winter.  It's optimistic if nothing else).

On deck for this semester:
Cell Biology 
Physiology II
Clinical Skills: Physical Exam
[That's a lot of -ology's!]

I know, you're jealous, right?  The school has definitely decided to up the intensity with the exams for this semester too.  There are six weeks with one exam, six weeks with two exams and two weeks with three exams.  That doesn't even include the quizzes!  The hubby will have his first quiz next week (week 2), and then have two exams the following week (week 3).  It's all up-hill from there.

In preparation for the hubby's return to hitting the books, I made his weekly schedule for him.  I did this last semester too, but I have definitely advanced...this semester includes color coding!

[Note the "friendly reminder" on 2.13 that the following day is Valentine's Day.  Not that my Mr. would ever let such a thing slip his mind!]

Ahhhh....isn't it pretty?  In case you're curious (you know you are), red is for an exam or quiz, orange means that it has to be completed online, and green is required attendance.  

Don't you just love organization?


  1. Oh my goodness - looking at that makes my head spin!! We've so been there! You are such a good wife for keeping him organized :)

  2. Love it. What a fabulous wife you are!


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