Conversations with the future doctor, part 2

The setting:  Hubby is studying (naturally).  I want to interact with him (also naturally).  However, I know that he needs to study, so I just ask him what the picture is on his screen, that way he talks to me while staying focused on school.  [Does this actually work?  Who knows.  But it does help me to feel better that I'm not being completely detrimental in my plea for attention].

The photo in question (or one like it):

The dialogue:

Me: So what's that? 

Hubby:  It's a macrophage.

Me: Oh. Cool!  [I didn't really say cool. I don't think I ever say cool]. What's that?

Hubby: It's a cell that eats stuff all the time.

Me: So if you were a cell, you'd want to be a macrophage?  [I deduce this because what man doesn't love to eat?].  

Hubby: [Ponders this seriously]. No. I think I would be a NK cell.

Me: NK?

Hubby: NK! Natural Killer.  They kill cells that would become viruses and tumors.

Me: Oh. Right.  Of course.  So.  What kind of cell would I be?

Hubby: You would be a B-Cell. 

Me: Why's that?

Hubby: [medical mumbo-jumbo which I translated into this] They are really organized.

Only a medical couple.  Only. 


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