Crayon Roll : Sewing Project

I can't legitimately claim this to be my first project created by myself on my sewing machine...because...well...it wasn't.  It was definitely started before I even owned my sewing machine, and my mother basically made it helped me quite a bit.  "Helped" as in made my mumbo-jumbo words an actual idea, came up with the measurements, told me the sizes to cut the fabric, told me when I was doing something incorrectly, used the stitch-witchery (I know, you have no idea what that is.  I didn't either!), etc etc etc.  I did almost all of the actual sewing, save for the velcro, because velcro scares me.  

Anyway.  Today is one of my BFF's son's birthdays.  His third birthday.  When in all reality, I think he's actually only about two weeks old, if time goes according to how I think it should.  But the calendar says he's three, so we'll go with it.  

The most recent picture I can find of Bryn.  It's very, very old.  But he is such a cutie pie, isn't he??
For Bryn's birthday, I had the master plan to sew something for him.  Something he could and would use, and that would be great to tuck into Mama Amanda's purse for fun on the go.  

Enter: The Crayon Roll

Aren't they prefect little boy fabrics?  I'd seen these at Hobby Lobby before and loved them, but had no means to use them!  They were prefect for this.

You open up the velcro...

And unroll it...

Keep unrolling....

Flip open the top...and crayons! 
On the far right is a larger pocket - I bought a cheapo coloring book (to go along with his super cool Toy Story one), and cut out the pages and folded them up to fit inside.  Everything you need right there!

Crayons crayons crayons!

We had a birthday party this past weekend.  Because I know how much you love photos, here's his gift in entirety.  It's wrapped, but I'll tell you what else is in there - a little man tool set :)  Love it. 

Happy birthday Bryn!  Cyber kiss from your Aunt MJ! 

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  1. I love this idea!! Would you share the dimensions(if it is a formal pattern), or direct me to a website where I could find them. Would work great for my little ones! Thanks, I am enjoying reading your blog, stumbled on it from Money Saving Mom.

  2. Hi there -
    I didn't have an exact pattern, just kind of winged it. Here's what I had jotted down for the finished sizes: When it is opened, it is 11 inches wide and top to bottom is 8 inches. There are 8 openings for crayons, each about 1 inch...then the little pouch that holds the paper, which is about 3 inches wide. The tab which wraps around and velcros the whole thing together is 8 inches long by about 3/4 inch.

    Hope that helps!!


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