Diaper Cake!

Talk about a million levels of adorable.  My favorite crafting buddy Emily and I made this adorable diaper cake for her sister-in-law's baby shower - and for her soon-to-be-born nephew, Truman.  I had never made a diaper cake before, and I was so excited to have Emily teach me.   (Don't mind the hasty pictures taken right as she was walking out the door).

We used two sizes of diapers and rolled them all up (waist-side in) and rubber banded them.  Then we formed the tiers by making a "flower" of diapers, then expanding outwards forming a larger and larger circle, using yarn to secure them.  There's no filler in there - all diapers! After tucking in cute rattles and washcloths and onesies, we tied thick ribbon around the centers of the tiers to cover the rubber bands and yarn, pretended like I knew what I was doing made the bows and propped the little zebra up on top.  

Isn't he so cute holding Truman's name up?  I can't wait to make another one sometime - so many ideas and color combinations rolling around in my mind already!

Now if you'll excuse me, our house smells wonderfully of roasted root vegetables... :)
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  1. That's REALLY cute! And I love the stuffed zebra. What a nice gift for the mom-to-be!


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