End of the Season

It is so hard to believe that the holiday season is "officially" over!  Wasn't it just December 1st last week??  We have had an action past last couple of weeks.  There was a two week period where I only turned on my computer once - bliss!  Don't get me wrong: I love technology and the ability that it gives us to connect with others.  However, being "unplugged" occasionally is such a blessing!  

I feel bullet points are in order to sum up the high points of the past few weeks...
  • Completing the first semester of medical school was fabulous.  The hubby did an absolutely awesome job.  I've always said he is the smartest man I know, but now it's confirmed! 
  • Having the time and flexibility to see and spend time with family and friends.  
    • The week before Christmas, we were able to spend six days at the in-laws house.   That side of the family is always an action packed Christmas, with a dozen of us in the house, two nieces and two nephews ranging in age from three and a half to almost eight.  Their excitement and joy doubles ours. Also being able to see our friends who now live out of state, for dinners and breakfasts and just to hang out together was great!
    • We were also able to spend five days at my parents house, spending Christmas Eve with my mom's parents and siblings and my cousins.  Christmas Day was spent with my parents and sister, with my grandparents coming over for Christmas dinner and to play cards.  The hubby and I also got to spend some QT with "The Square" (hi girls!), my core group of friends from high school.  (There's four of us, and we some how were morphed into/dubbed The Square.  It stuck).  Between a recent engagement and the birth of a new niece and an oh-so-active almost three-year old son and an upcoming deployment of a fiance to Afghanistan, there was much to discuss.
  • The hubby stepping up big-time on Christmas Eve.  The church I grew up in does a Christmas Eve candlelit service every year.  My mom and another member of the church have been narrating the choir's cantata for years.  However, this year, the male narrator got really sick and couldn't attend.  After calling numerous church members, all of whom made up an excuse couldn't lend a hand, my mom said, "Well hmm!  My son-in-law will do this!"  So the hubby stepped in and saved Christmas Eve.  He did an awesome job.  I had a very, very difficult time not giggling at him up on the pulpit, and an even harder time when someone in my row leaned over and made a comment about the hubby's butt....Ha!  Too much misbehaving for church, but nevertheless, the Mom/Hubby team did wonderfully! 
  • Getting shockingly domestic gifts and LOVING all of them.  My parents may have given me the gift of frustration...but time will tell!
  • Starting a new Christmas Eve Night tradition with the hubby: Reading Luke's account of the birth of Jesus and "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."  Interesting combination, no?  
  • New Year's Eve with friends we don't see nearly enough.  We started off the night going to a hockey game, then had dinner reservations at 9.00 at a restaurant downtown.  They had great food for the price!  We had fun catching up, watching the ball drop, and enjoying the fact that it was 50 degrees outside!
  • Crafting with my Colorado-living girlfriend.   Details to follow - just wait for the adorableness!
But the absolute highlight was "our" Christmas morning (on December 23rd).  Just the two of us, our own little family, the fireplace lit, drinking coffee while opening stockings and just enjoying the fact that we could be together without any other concerns or worries.  

(Oh, and the low point?  How much football is on TV today.  I think Jan 1 should be a television-free day in our house.  A woman can only take so much!)

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  1. Ha! My husband and I also started a Christmas tradition of reading Jesus' birth story from Luke and though it's not as good as reading it, watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas. So great!


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