Is it just me?

(I'm going to take a guess at the answer - it's probably not just me!)

So I'm a pretty healthy person, which leads to a pretty healthy diet (not diet as in "on" a diet, just diet as in what we normally eat) around our place.  Hardly ever any red meat.  Lots and lots of veggies.  Very few processed foods.  We actually like spinach.  We nourish our bodies with what we put into them, so we try to only put the good stuff into ours.  Plus I know that eating a healthy and nutritious diet is excellent for doctors-in-training to keep their motivation and focus in high gear. 

So needless to say, I normally make a pretty good spread of a meal.  Something delicious and nutritious, with sides and a salad and all that jazz.

Tonight though, the hubby wasn't going to make it home for dinner.  So what did I make to eat, for me, myself and I?

Homemade chicken-lentil-veggie soup?  No.  Try again.

Salmon with sauteed onions and peppers, broccoli and a sweet potato?  Nope.

 [Think simple].

Pasta?  A sandwich? No and no.

You're not very good at this guessing game.  I'll just tell you: 

Half a bag of Chex Mix.  

Seriously?  Who does that?  Is it just me, or is cooking for one just not even worth it?  Not that I'm not worth it to cook for myself, but the time and effort of going through all of the steps to just put food in one belly....and then clean up the mess...Some nights, the bag of Chex Mix just sounds so much more appealing.

[side note - my husband was eating dinner somewhere else tonight, otherwise I would have made dinner so he could enjoy the leftovers, because I'm a nice wife like that!]

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