Kiddo Silhouettes

So we have the greatest nieces and nephews ever.    Two nieces, aged (almost) eight and three and a half.  Two nephews, aged five and five and a half.  These kiddos are sweet, loveable and cute to boot.  The nieces both have a new thing: telling me how beautiful my hair is (trust me - it's normally not. But who doesn't love a compliment from a little girl?).  

Anyway, for Christmas, I decided to make silhouettes of the kids, in all of their cute goodness, for their parents (our brothers and sisters-in-law. Obviously). The inspiration?  Myself - ha, weird. For our wedding thank you cards, I made silhouettes of the hubby and me.  (side note: don't ever get me started on how ridiculously expensive wedding stationary can be.  Or weddings in general.  I will not stop talking). 

Thinking that the card turned out decently, I knew that the kids silhouettes would be adorable.  And they are all at such cute ages that you never want them to grow up or get older.  But they will.  So we decided to capture them in their cuteness and put it in a classic silhouette.  

Starting with this:

And editing to get to this: 
To end up with these:

Ahhh...priceless :)  I hope they never grow up.  

Until we need babysitters someday.  Ha! 

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