One ridiculous quiz down, several hundred to go

So this semester is a little bit crazier than last semester.  First quiz of the semester happened last week: Immunology.  The hubby's already been complaining that the professor is lacking...just in overall teaching ability.  

When the hubby gets home from taking the quiz, he is fairly upset about the way that questions were worded, the answer choices given (it was multiple choice), etc etc.  Also, due to the fact that there were only six questions, if you misinterpreted the meaning of the wording once or twice...that could mean quite bad results.  Generally, everyone was frustrated, confused and upset. 

Fast forward a couple of days. The entire class receives an email regarding this ridiculous quiz.  The faculty has decided to review the quiz and the answers and has come up with a revised answer key.  Out of the six questions, they accepted any and all answers for three of the questions.  For two of the questions, they accepted two answers.  However, they stood firm on that last question - the saving grace of the entire quiz!  One proper question!

Geez louise.  You would think we'd be past such ridiculousness by this point.  Someone could have NOT EVEN TAKEN the quiz and still scored 3/6.  

Frustrating.  This immunology class is so adding to the stress level.  I think it's my least favorite class so far (if I get a vote!).  

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