[she’s a] Clearance Shopper

Apparently it’s practically summer.  At least at the stores anyways…I’ve seen some serious clearance sales going on right now on winter apparel.  

Picked up two flannel shirts for the hubby, one blue, one gray.

Can't quite read that price?  Here's a close up:

Yes, that is $3.74.  Beautiful.  That’s all I got for the hubby because it’s more fun to shop for me that's all that was there for him, style and size-wise.  

Like these three sweaters for $4.50 each:

And this thermal for $3.74:

And THESE two sweaters for only $2.50 each.  Who needs a thrift store for these prices??

After such a smashing success at Target, I hit up Kohl’s.  Not nearly as good of deals there, but I did find a pair of leggings on clearance (please note – this is my first pair of leggings as an adult.  I really adamantly opposed leggings for a very long time.  But.  I have a sweater dress that I’m unable to wear, since it’s a frigid world in which we live.  Leggings were the only option).  

Those are zippers on the leggings.  Is that in?  I don't even know.   Oh well :)

After the coupon I had, they were actually only $4.58.  And actually I didn’t pay anything out of pocket, as I had a gift card. 

While at Kohl’s, I scooped up this adorable yellow summary top (totally a Ranae top, if you know who I mean), with a super cute back.  My big spend of the day for $8.30.

Ten pieces of clothing for $42 and change,  that would have been roughly $160 at normal price?  I’ll take it. With prices like this, it’s no wonder I can rarely rationalize paying full price for clothes!

Added bonus?  The 90% off Christmas sale at Michael's.  I picked this up for $4.99.  Not even Chrismasey!  It's on our mantel as we speak. 

Ahh clearance sales.  Don't you just love them? 


  1. I am so so impressed by your clearance finds! I may have to hit up my Target after work...

  2. We have similar taste! I have htat top from Kohls in black! I left it at my mom's house over Xmas and I was so upset because it's 'gone' for 5 months, lol. Now I know I can check back for another one! Thanks for posting this!

  3. OOOOHHH! I'm so intrigued! I LOVE good deals and those are some GREAT deals!


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