$10 Dealpulp Credit for $1!

If you haven't signed up for Deal Pulp yet, this is the day to do it!  Everyone gets a $5 credit to use on a future deal when they sign up for the website.  Today's deal?  $10 worth of Deal Pulp Credit for $1!  So if you haven't signed up yet, you can have $15 dollars of credit (which you only pay $1 for!) to use on the next awesome deal!

This is the site I got a $10 Target.com gift card for $2 through....recently, they've had deals for designer sunglasses, gourmet desserts and magazine subscriptions.  

It's a great site - I totally recommend signing up for Deal Pulp today, and buying the $10 credit for $1!  It's available to purchase through tomorrow (Saturday!).

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