Another Forecast Flop?

We have a "blizzard warning" in effect right now.  Forecasts have ranged, saying we'll see anywhere from 10-16 inches of snow by tomorrow afternoon....I heard one meteorologist say he predicts 17-24 inches.  All of this in combination of 25-40 mph winds equals a blizzard warning for us (and apparently most of the country).

Come on.  Seriously?  Seriously.  This is cruel.  A BLIZZARD. 

I don't know about you, but this does not excite me.  In the least.  I abhor snow.  Completely.  Thoroughly.  The very thought of snow sends shivers down my spine (pun completely intended).  I don't like looking at it.  I don't like driving in it.  I don't like scraping off my car in it.  I don't like having the wind blow it down my neck.  I don't like that it gets all nasty and brown.  I don't like the salt on the roads.  I don't like the spray from the other cars on the road.  I don't like washing my windshield every half of mile.  I don't like that I have to wear practical shoes and jackets instead of cute ones.  I. Just. Don't. Like. It.

There have been several predicted so-called-blizzards this year that have all been massive flops.  After snow forecast let downs (in conjunction with our three tornado warnings this fall without any flying cows), I'm predicting a forecast flop.  Giving this storm maybe 5-7 inches at best.  

I was at the grocery store a bit ago, and it people were preparing for Armageddon.  All I needed was three things, people.  Take your overflowing shopping cart out of the 12 items or less aisle so I can move on with my day.  Pretty sure I could have scalped our snow shovel in the store parking lot for at least $25.  

The hubby and I already both cancellations tomorrow.  It's the first time in 40 years that the hubby's school has had a snow day (according to Facebook statuses.  Which I take to be truth).  There's already almost 500 schools, churches and businesses closed either tonight or tomorrow.   

Side note - I started this post, then made dinner.  Since then, the wind has picked up a TON (it is wailing in our fireplace flue.  If there is snow in our living room in the morning, I don't think I'll be surprised).  So even if it doesn't snow a ton, I'm thinking there will be some pretty massive drifting.  

But, I guess if the hubby and I have to be completely buried in snow, at least we get to be at home together! 

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