Beautiful Berries

While my hubby loved our Valentine's dinner (Coq au Vin - ala Life of a Doctor's Wife), he loved our dessert more.  

Gorgeous, no?  I got them from a little cafe called Vanilla's.  Best part?  I got a Groupon a couple of days before for 50% off the normal price: a dozen chocolate covered berries for $6!  I had already been planning on making these for Valentine's Day, but for that price it wasn't worth the dirty dishes!  Thank you Vanilla's & Groupon!


  1. Mmmm! Gotta love strawberries!

    I did a little update on the truffles. You were correct, I don't do dairy (or at least not much), but I didn't try to convert them to non-dairy since I was giving them away. Maybe next time! :)


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