Cake Truffles

As soon as I saw these, I couldn't stop thinking about them.

Aren't they adorable and so scrumptious-looking?  Sarah over at Sweet and Savory by Sarah created these little beauties using boxed cake mix and a can of frosting!  Who would have thought??  And how cute would these be at a baby shower instead of the traditional cake? 

I seriously am anticipating a little kitchen adventure this weekend.  A baker of sweets, I am not, but I think these might be just the occasion to pretend to be!  It will take a lot of tweaking to make them dairy-free, but I have a feeling it will be 100% worth it! 


  1. Those look amazing, and so simple to make! Aaannd bookmarked! :)

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  3. What a fun recipe! I'm going to try it, I will bake soyless so homemade frosting will have to do.


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