The hubby's got a little bit of a fiddling habit.  He fiddles.  He's a fiddler.  (We're not talking the instrument, here, folks).  He is constantly playing with his wedding band.  Twists it around his finger.  Takes it off, then puts it on.  Bounces it on a notebook.  Takes it off puts it on.  Rolls it across the table.  Spins it on the desk.  Takes it off puts it on.  Drops it on the floor.  Takesitoffputsitontakesitoffputsitontakesitoffputsiton.  You get the picture.  He claims that it's just because he's so not used to wearing "man jewelry," but going on nine months of ring-wearing, the validity of that excuse is waning.   

His sweet and intelligent wife is always telling him gently reminding him that he should probably not do that, since he might lose it someday.  It would really be much safer if the ring just stayed on the finger.  Now he doesn't have some high-value ring, but it is (of course) highly sentimental.  We specifically chose a manly material (aka will not scratch even if you take a pair of tin snips to it), and it happened to be a really cost-effective manly material.  But nevertheless, I don't want the hubby to lose his wedding ring.

Scenario:  Hubby is at school, in lecture.  The lecture halls are set up theater-style, and he's sitting midway up one of the rows.

Beginning of the story: Hubby is fiddling with his wedding band. 

Middle of the story: Hubby drops his wedding band, and down it goes!

Climax of the story:  Clink.....clink......clink.......clink....it bounces all the way down each of the steps of the lecture hall right up to the front row.  Hubby doesn't know what to do - stand up, walk down to the front, and search for his ring?  Try to get someone's attention in the front to find it for him? [How - passing a note ala 5th grade?  Wadding up a piece of paper and throwing it at someone, also ala 5th grade?].  Leave it there until the lecture is over, and hope no one kicks it somewhere he can't find it? 

End of the story: Luckily, the lecturer was being telecasted in from the other campus, so hubby just discreetly (I hope!) got the attention of the guy whose feet the symbol of our marriage was under, told him that no, he's not looking for a pen, actually, it's a wedding ring...and has med-school-friend pass it back up to him.  

Did he learn his lesson?  Should I take a picture of him, mid-study session at his desk, ring securely on his hand?  

I'd love to...but....:)


  1. Hi! I love your blog. Like you, I am a Michigander. I posted on your blog on my website here:
    Best wishes. Not sure which med school your husband attends, but I went to MSU CHM.
    Best wishes.
    Dr. Tony Youn

  2. My sweet StuDoc does the same exact thing. He has lost it more than once, that he has told me about, and I am sure it will continue to happen even though I remind him how he shouldn't play with it.

    I am glad your hubby was able to get his and hopefully he will think twice! :)

  3. Oh no! That would drive me nuts! Glad he got the ring back... and hopefully he gets used to wearing it soon.


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