Five Minutes (and a comic strip for your giggling pleasure)

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This Blondie comic was in our Sunday newspaper a couple of weeks ago (yes, we get the Sunday paper.  We are at least 46 years old at heart).  My hubby always immediately grabs the comics (okay - so maybe I'm the one that's 46.  He's 11!).  

It's a funny comic, sure - but that's not why I'm sharing this.  Do any of you feel like this can be startling close to reality some days?  Husband comes homes, exhausted, late at night, after a long day at school/the hospital/wherever, eats, completes mind-numbing time in front of the TV and goes to bed?  

Personally, after not seeing my husband ALL DAY, I like to actually have some of that chit chat for which Dagwood doesn't care. 

That is why the Hubby and I have implemented what we simply call "Five Minutes."  (It's probably rather self-explanatory, but I'll beat the horse dead regardless).  Hubby gets home - instead of immediately going to his desk and diving into studying or shutting off his brain and watching TV or staring directly down at his dinner without talking, his mind completely elsewhere, we have our Five Minutes.  Just five minutes to tell each other about our days.  High points and low points.  How that exam went.  Funny stories.  Things that were frustrating.  

Is it actually five minutes, kitchen timer and all?  No.  Of course not - it's just what we call it.  Sometimes it's more like two minutes.  Sometimes it's fifteen.  Do we always do it RIGHT when Hubby walks in the door?  No.  Sometimes he tells me that he can't do Five Minutes - that his brain is still running hard on medicine and he wouldn't be able to focus yet.  And I respect that.  I don't go pout and stomp my feet and say "Pay attention to ME, your WIFE, not just MEDICINE, your JOB," even if that's what I want to do.  

Our Five Minutes works for us.  What works for you?


  1. We always take a few minutes right when Husband comes home to talk through our days and give each other a kiss. But, depending on when he gets home (and if I'm still working), we sometimes don't get to really connect until dinner time.

  2. We use notes. I write a good morning note on one of the white boards and since hubby rides the bus to and from school he jots down high/low points on the ride home. When he gets home I read said note while he does his thing (usually eating) and then if he is chatty he'll tell me a funny story that he didn't write, or some "fun fact."

  3. We chat after work, we chat while we eat, then off to whatever the evening has; reading, TV, fireplace :)
    When we had children at home we dated; at 9 pm after our girls were settled we would meet in the livingroom, chat a little, or just sit after a long day of work and residency/fellowship and watch something on TV.


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