The Lovey Dovey Wreath Tutorial

Over a week has passed since making it, and I am still completely enamored with my heart-shaped, felt-ruffled, lovey dovey wreath!  It is so simple to make that I would love it if you would make one too.  No house is ready for Valentine's Day without one!

To make it, you will need somewhere around $7 to buy your supplies (slightly more if you don't have any straight pins or a scrap of ribbon...which I'm assuming most people do!) and about two hours of time (aka pop in your favorite chick flick the perfect amount of time to watch a documentary).  

  • 3/4 yard of felt - I know, it seems like a ton!  But really, you will pretty much use it all.  
  • 1 foam wreath form - My heart-shaped one measures 10" from top to bottom point.  If yours is larger, consider buying more felt!  This would also be super cute as an everyday wreath, using a regular circle wreath form.
  • Straight pins.  About 200.
  • Something that is round and 3" in diameter for you to trace circles around (I used a can of soup).
  • A piece of ribbon to hang your wreath
  • Sharp scissors.
  • A marker.
  • Optional: Form of entertainment (ie: chick flick) and glass of wine.
Isn't my glittery red wreath pretty?  It was the only one that Hob Lob had.
To get started...Lay your felt out and start tracing around your can of peas/drinking glass/whatever you are using that is 3" across.  Utilize your fabric by keeping your circles tight together.  Keep tracing. 

When you get sick of tracing, start cutting them out.  And then trace some more.  Then cut some more.  Way more than you think you could ever possibly need.

That's probably about half of what I used total, and I thought it would be enough for the whole thing before I started pinning!  I ended up using somewhere around 200 felt circles.  It kind of takes forever, but I mean, really, it's not difficult and takes zero mental energy.  Just zone out, trace and cut!

Ready to start assembling?  Okay, take your first circle, and fold it in half.
Note to self: Paint fingernails before taking photos to put on blog.
Then, fold it in half again:

Take one of your straight pins and poke it right through the tip of the corner, through all four layers of fabric:

And then put it onto your wreath!

Just move the felt "petals" around, spin them, fluff them up, open them up, whatever you need to do to make them look good! 

Keep doing this over and over and over until your wreath fills up.  Note that you don't need to put them on the back of the wreath, but be sure to get them far enough around on the sides that you can't see the form peeking through.

And then, viola! 
Your beautiful, lovely, lovey-dovey wreath is complete!  Hang it with a piece of ribbon, stand back and admire.

(Then clean up all of the little scraps of felt you left all around your cutting area!)

Let me know if you try it out!

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  1. Love it! and love the red color you picked out!

  2. Dude I love it. Love. It. And I so want to make one. Alas, I will not this year as there is no time for me to craft, but I will be vaulting this away somewhere inside my head. Love it. Really.

  3. Just lovely! I made felt roses for my red wreath but I love the full fluffiness of your pretty creation! Gotta try it.

  4. I love this. I think I will give it a try. It will be ready for next year. :)

  5. this looks so pretty! best v-day wreath i've seen.



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