An odd combination of terrified and excited

Currently, I am an odd combination of terrified and excited.  In just a little while, we are heading to church to meet our new small group bible study.  

We go to a fairly large church (which I'll call ABC), but they seriously try to stay away from feeling like a large church.  Who wants to go to a church where they don't know anyone?  That's what a church is - a body of people.  The church we attended in college was just that - a mega-church with more celebrity status and less feeling of belonging.  Our current church, however, stresses the importance of being connected through volunteering, small groups and other means. We've been attending for about a year and a half, and pastor that performed our wedding ceremony is from ABC.  The hubby and I volunteered for quite a while in the children's ministry.  Once wedding season rolled around last summer though, that quickly became impossible.  Now, every time that small groups are brought up, the hubby and I shrug it off, saying we don't possibly have the time.  

But.  After realizing how few "couple friends" we have in the area who share our beliefs, morals and standards....and after some loving coaxing from our pastor :) ....we bit the bullet and signed up.  Tonight, ABC is having an event called "Community Connection," where we are going to be introduced to our small group.  We'll be doing a 6-8 week study, and when that study is over, we will have the option to stay with the group, or to opt out guilt-free (hopefully!).   

So why am I terrified?  I'm terrified that we'll be with people not our age - that they will be substantially older than us.  I'm worried they will all have kids (babies are great - but there is a huge difference between marriage pre-kids and post-kids.  We just don't want all of our discussions to end up going back to children and issues related to them).  I'm hoping that they won't all live really far away from us (we drive a half an hour to church, so this is quite feasible....if they live a half an hour in the other direction....).  I am worried they will judge us, either for hubby being a student, or placing us into the typical medical sterotypes.  I am concerned in general, because I tend to be introverted around new people and can be very shy and quiet, which some people can take for rude or standoffish.  

That all being said, I am also pretty excited to meet the group.  Some groups have smashing success and are all life-long friends, who go on trips together and hang out together and laugh together and cry together.  That's what I want.  But even if we just meet a couple or two who are in a similar place in life to us, that would be wonderful.  

So hopefully it goes well tonight and we are a good mesh with our group, because I don't think I can handle eight weeks of discussing potty training and baby weaning.  (Can you tell my major concern???).  If you read this in the next three hours, your prayers are appreciated!


  1. Thanks for commenting on my snowguys! I can't wait to do some singles and spray paint silver or to use some metallic crochet string....would be really EASY but look great....best of wishes on your meeting tonight...I know what you mean. We felt the same before we had kids. And we too go to a large church that focuses on small groups. We have some close friends we've met that way.

  2. I hope tonight goes well for you guys. I understand the nerves- I would feel the same way! Praying for people your age you can connect with!

  3. Hope things went fantastically, and you found some great new (baby-free) friends!

    We are still in the process of church shopping (different since it's not as intimate as a small group) but it's still rough on the introvert nerves. :P


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