Snowy snow day

So the meteorologists were (pretty much) right.  Granted, we were supposed to be in a blizzard warning until 7pm tonight, and we were already lowered to a winter weather advisory by this morning...It hasn't been snowing for a few hours now.  The official measurement was 16" of fresh powder at our airport, so I guess they were a little closer than my prediction of 5-7 inches.  It was so incredibly windy though, and we have drifts to prove it!

The hubby and I ventured outside after lunch, to snap a few photos (me) and to shovel out our cars (him).  Sorry about the terrible quality of what follows.  It was freezing, my hand was basically numb the second I took off my glove, and I just had my little point and shoot.  I think I was only outside for about two minutes total!

Here's our entryway into our building.  It's a covered walkway, but look at how much drifted underneath!

(Don't mind my rabbit skin hat ala Elmer Fudd.  The wind was so bitter!)  The complex had snow blown out a path along our garage doors, so I'm standing on the pavement behind the drift.  Up to my waist!  (I'm 5'7" for perspective...) 

Promise not to notice how disgusting my car is.  I have an irrational fear of car washes and I refuse to go in one alone.  There's the drift by my car - 21 inches of fluffy stuff for the hubby to shovel out :)

But the funny thing is, since it was so windy, there was absolutely no snow on top of my car!  Just a bit on the hood was all...
That's our garage...the hubby's car is nice and warm, tucked away inside.

And there's our garage door drift.  The hubby cleaned out ours and our neighbors.  Because he's so sweet!  What a workout...

So all in all....I don't think we quite needed the mad panic and all of the BLIZZARD 2011!!?!!!?!? hysteria, but we did get a pretty good amount.  Everything in the city was closed today.  And the best part?  That the hubby and I had a snow day together.  It actually just totally feels like a Saturday today - hubby studying, me cooking, cleaning and crafting.  I think I'm going to be mighty confused when the alarm goes off tomorrow morning!

Also: I researched.  This is only the third time in the history of the hubby's school that they've had a snow day - the last time was in 1978! 

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  1. When the mid-Atlantic got hit last year with that much snow, I thought I was going to never see the light of day because we had 7-8 feet snow drifts!! Stay warm and I hope you enjoyed the snow day together! :)


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