Valentine's Art - Just for you!

Here are some goodies for you to print: my Valentine's Day Subway Art, originally shown here.  It's in four colors to match (almost) any decor :)  Just click on the link below each picture to download the file, and you'll be linked to the image at my box.net site (note: this is my first time trying to do this - if it doesn't work for you please let me know!!).

(this one is for you specifically for you, Amanda C!)

The words are sized to a 5x7" print, so I just printed it on cardstock, cut it out to 8x10" size and placed it in the frame, giving it a matted look. 

Hopefully you can find somewhere cute to put these! 

In other exciting news, there is a chance that we might break freezing next week.  It hasn't been above 33 degrees since New Years Day!  That would be great, considering it felt like -7 with the windchill this morning.  Here's to hoping! 

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