Did you notice?

Did you notice that I added a new page up along the top there?  It's called "The Pathway," and it describes the pathway to a career in medicine.  Many people have no idea what it entails - I know I certainly didn't until we began this crazy journey called medicine.  Check it out :)


  1. Good job! I would only add to 4th year- Sub-Internships- one month rotations at the programs they want to match to. We are trying to schedule them now for July-Aug-Sep and it is a pain!

    As I read your list- I kept also checking off the MONEY that goes into each step. lol. We just paid for Step 2 this week. Ugly.

  2. just found your blog. i love how real it is. consider me your newest follower :)


  3. Thanks ladies! I'll be sure to add that in to 4th year, Mandy!


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