Med School Ball : HELP!

(Please excuse me while I am a teensy tiny little bit socially awkward and insecure for a moment).

Okay, all you seasoned medical wives out there - I need some help!  The Med School Ball is coming up in the middle of April.  The Hubby had mentioned it before and I was excited, thinking "Oh, how fun!  We can dress up, eat a dinner that I don't have to cook and clean up, and dance!" In my mind, I was wearing my trusty little black dress, and the Hubby had on a tie.  But now, we just got the invitation.  And now, I'm freaking out.  

It's themed.  "The Roaring Twenties" (I know, hello).  Are we supposed to dress to go with the theme?  I have this nightmare that either I will show up as a flapper, and no one else will be dressed in "costume," or vice versa.  Either scenario sounds terrible!  But our high school proms were themed, and we never dressed according to the theme then (am I allowed to compare this to prom???  Is it similar?  Because that's really all I've got!).

Also: the words "Black Tie" are mentioned on the invitation.  Now this makes me think no to the flapper outfits, but also no to the little black dress.  When I think black tie, I think a seriously fancy dress, going to get your hair done, the Hubby renting a tuxedo, the whole nine yards.  Is this accurate??   Because if that's the case, that sounds like a T-O-N of money.  Just ball-parking: $100 for a tux, $50 for hair, and I have no idea how much a nice dress, maybe $100 (side-note: would that be called an evening gown now that I'm in my mid-twenties???), plus $70 for tickets....that's $320 minimum.  $320!  Holy mackerel!  That's like a rent payment!  (Obviously I am exaggerating.  I wish our rent was $320!). 

But is that what we should do?  Is that the normal?  Going all out, the tuxedo, the fancy dress, the hair, the everything?  I have a sinking suspicion that this is the case.  If the general consensus is that yes, it is normal to wear a fancy dress, (and since my prom dresses are now mildly out of style), I am forced to share a secret with you.  Are you ready?  

(Man, I hope this doesn't alienate me in the blogging world........)

I hate to admit it, but I am as skinny as a beanstalk on the thin side (for real - no hating on me for this.  Blame it on my genes.  Everyone has different body types.  This is just mine).  Beanstalk as in I don't like buying clothes, because they never fit quite right.  Beanstalk as in if clothing from the little girls' department had long enough lengths, I would probably have better luck there (it's all fun and games until you and your eight year old niece show up to a family gathering wearing the same capris...wait, what? No, this hasn't happened).  Beanstalk like using the pediatric blood pressure cuffBeanstalk as in "might be confused with a 12-year-old boy from a distance."

All that being said, I don't want to buy a new dress!  I loathe clothing shopping, especially non-clearance rack clothing shopping (which I never do).  I literally cannot fathom dropping $100 or more on A DRESS.  Which I will likely only wear ONE time (because all the nice events  will be with the same group of people from here on out, at least for the next few years, and I'm pretty sure that wearing the same dress to every fancy occasion is considered a faux pas).  (Also - I'm having flash backs to wedding dress shopping...another "one-time-only" dress).

So. In summary of my socially awkward/beanstalk confession rant:
  1. Do we dress according to the Med School Ball theme?  (if you say yes to this, you better have a really great description of what someone in the Roaring Twenties would wear).
  2. Does black tie mean the Hubby in a tuxedo, or would his nice black suit do the trick?
  3. Does black tie mean that I have to wear a long, fancy dress (if yes, does anyone have one I can borrow because I don't want to spend that much money?), or would a black cocktail dress be appropriate?
  4. Does black tie mean that I have to go and get my hair done? (bare in mind that if I'm doing it, it might start out curled, but would likely end up in a pony tail.  Because I'm classy like that).
  5. Am I overreacting?  Someone please tell me I'm overreacting.  

Hey, if all else fails, I think I'm just going to wear my wedding dress.  That would be totally appropriate and not socially awkward at all...right?
(Someday...I'll find an excuse to wear it again!!)

Slightly later addition: Shoot.  I'm panicking.  I'm sure there are people that are going to read this post, and immediately dismiss it, ranting about how "all skinny people complain about their body."  But really, women - all women in general - at some point or another are discouraged by their body type.  Remember that we are all beautiful - Remember 1 Peter 3.3-4!


    1. Umm... we skipped our "prom" (yeah, it was actually called prom) because we had other plans already, but from pictures it looked like people dressed the theme (Mardi Gras). However, the invitations did not say black tie. I think fancy smancy (tux and floor length) when I see black tie, but maybe Google your school and med. ball for previous year's pictures?
      I would totally loan you a dress, but I'm not "beanstalk" thin (though small enough to need a peds cuff too), and I'm on the short side. :P

    2. I never thought about them using a peds cuff for skinny people (clearly it's never been a problem for me! Ha!)!! Too cute! I would probably try to find a simple long dress and then do my own hair and makeup. RED lipstick would be a must and you can youtube video tutorials on 20's hair :) If you go, you MUST post pics!!! :)

    3. It is somewhat confusing that they chose to include both "back-tie" and "roaring 20's", or maybe it is just confusing because my ideas of each are two totally different looks. I see the 20's as a short black cocktail dress with lots of long pearls, a feathery headband (you could make) and a long cigarette (which could totally serve as a prop and ice breaker for the other doctor's to tell you about all the risks).On the other hand, I see black-tie as a fancy, silky, gala with an entrance as grand as a NY museum.

      Aside from the fact that I am clueless as to how med balls work, I personally would go with the fancier, black tie. I'd rather look really classy and dressed up. Either way, I have dresses for you from my skinny-minny days. I can bring over options for you anytime!


    4. We had a masquerade ball and most people dressed up for the theme. However, I wouldn't worry too much. There is ALWAYS going to be that one person who comes wearing jeans and and a tee lol sounds fun! Post pics!
      PS- this seems like a good 20's/Black Tie combo ;) http://www.flickr.com/photos/93178668@N00/2868603849

    5. First, you are gorgeous in that wedding photo! WOW!

      Second, I totally worry over what to wear all the time. Like, what to wear to my book club. So I feel your pain!

      My thoughts are, a) an LBD can totally be black tie. Just add heels, pearls or diamonds, and an updo. b) Buy a (cheap) feather boa. Then you can sling it over your shoulders if everyone's in costume or dump it on your chair if no one is.

      You are going to look great and have a blast!! Please post photos!

    6. You guys are all so sweet - thank you for the advice! The Hubby is also going to ask some of his classmates what they are going to be wearing as well, so between everything here and what he finds out (and Dana's closet!), hopefully I won't be too awkward :) Thanks again!

    7. Black tie can totally be a nice suit. I know someone who can do some awesome finger waves 20s/2011 version. I agree with the red lipstick, I'm a lipstick chick! You are absolutely beautiful and never look like a little boy. Dresses can be barrowed or there are second hand stores. I may have a dress.sleek long or short can be 20s or 2011.
      Can't wait to see you Wednesday

    8. Hello, found you through The Daily Dose and hey, comment and advice thread.

      You're right about the invitation being confusing. The 20s were a great time for tuxedos and there were plenty of ball gowns around, but those have remained timeless enough that there's little to distinguish proper black tie then from now. In short, dressing in a recognizable 20s style (i.e. flapper) would exclude black tie and dressing in black tie would exclude a recognizable 20s style (though the tuxedo would look good; no pastel waistcoats in the 20s).

      As for what black tie means, the internet knows everything: http://www.blacktieguide.com/index.html

      The short version of that site: black ties means a tux for the man, while a woman can wear either a ball gown or a cocktail dress, depending on the formality of the event.

      Ask around. Unless everyone else is going to do black tie and ball gowns, you can just wear a dark suit for him and a cocktail dress for you. Most events like this are black tie optional, which means they'd like you to wear it, but you don't have to if it would break the bank.

    9. For the ball we went to med school which was "black tie" Dr. J wore his tux and I wore a long dress because I wanted to and I found one that I liked. That being said, 75%-80% of the girls wore cocktail dresses. Don't worry about getting your hair done. Just do it yourself. No one got their hair done that I know of. Do your own make up and maybe find a way to incorporate the twenties with a dress you love. Like a head band or something. That being said, since you're a beanstalk, you'd look fabulous in 20's style dresses so maybe hit up a vintage shop? You might find a sweet deal on an awesome dress.

    10. Your dress is gorgeous! You should wear it when you clean the house ~ that way it will inspire you to clean every day! haha

      Love the passage, thank you!


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