MS1: Spring Break, baby!

Notice that I haven't been spouting off quite as frequently this past week?  

That's because the Hubby and I left this and our boots:

To head south and wear these:
Yup.  Those are the Hubby's old-man boat shoes

Thank goodness for actually getting Spring Break during Med School Year 1!  My in-laws spend several months in Florida every winter (any one ever heard of the Villages???  It's like a retiree's playground there), and due to the awesome price of lodging (read: FREE), this is where the we have vacationed for the past three years.  The weather, during vacation years one and two?  Miserable.  Cold.  One good pool day out of the bunch.   (Can you picture me saying, "Now listen here, Hubby, if we have crummy weather one more year, it will be the LAST time we EVER go there!"  Because I might have).

This year?  Decent!  We actually had three hot, sunny, pool-worthy days.  It did rain the better part of one of the other days, but the rest were mild and sunny. Our trip was last Sunday through yesterday Sunday, and we spent up until Friday with the in-laws.  (Some of you are probably cringing at the thought of this.  There are some terrible in-law stories out there in cyber-world.  Thankfully, I can't relate to them at all.  I have been blessed an awesome bunch of new family members!). Then Friday through Sunday we were in Jacksonville, visiting the Hubby's old roommate/friend since childhood/our joint-BFF Kyle, and got the added bonus of the fact that my old roommate Maria now lives there too!  

Seriously - we vegged this trip.  We'd "sleep in" until 7.30 or so, amble out to the kitchen and eat Florida fresh grapefruit. 

We ate copious amounts of grapefruit.  At least one a day.  Sometimes two.
We'd sit out on the lanai (that's Florida-speak for screened in porch), drink our coffee, and read the newspaper.

Actually, I would read the paper.  The Hubby discovered a new love/hate relationship:

After that, we'd eat a to-die-for breakfast prepared by my father-in-law (seriously - he's famous for his breakfasts!), then go for a run or walk.  (You can guess which I preferred). The Hubby golfed with his dad once, but got rained out the second time (I took a pass.  I loathe golfing with every fiber of my being prefer not to golf).  Afternoons were spent by the pool when it was warm enough, where this little guy lived:

I was mildly terrified to get close enough to take a picture
When it wasn't quite warm enough, we could be found playing our favorite "old-person game."

We were shockingly the yellow team!  You can guess why I chose to take a photo at this particular moment...

Seriously - we love shuffleboard!  The Hubby's parents normally beat us, but we claim it's okay because we are in our 20's, and you really shouldn't be any good at shuffleboard until you are at least 45.  

"Family Picture" while playing shuffleboard.

Look at them, humoring me wanting to take a shadow picture!
See!  Blue skies!  Sunshine!  Green grass!
 We also learned two new games.  Pickleball, which I don't have any photographic evidence of, is a strange combination of ping pong and tennis, played on a badminton court.  Apparently, it's all the rage. 

Then Bocce Ball:

Super technical measuring device: Old tin can + string.
Most nights, we would hang out at the house, enjoying some of these:

Normally we played Hand and Foot or Mexican Train Dominoes (at which I tend to dominate - I have no idea why!)

Maybe because half of my dominoes are doubles??
One night, we went to a restaurant with the in-laws and a couple with whom they're friends (and some of that couple's family) that had entertainment featuring an Irish couple who played and sang old Irish songs (and some from "Mamma Mia," randomly).  There was another Irish couple having dinner there that evening, and they did this awesome jig.  I loved every single second of it, standing there, clapping, mouth-open grin.  Check this out - paying attention to their fancy footwork and the Irish drum playing:

Please note the crowd in this room.  The Hubby and I were the youngest two there, the next youngest being the daughter of the other couple, who was in her mid-forties.  Then it shot right up to sixty years old!   All of the other women at our table were out galavanting on the dance floor - I didn't participate.  As the Hubby put it: "MJ - you going out there to dance would be like one of these women showing up at a club."  Touche, dear husband, touche.

Fun fact: The Villages is a "golf cart community."  Which means you've got thousands of people, some in their 80's and 90's, zipping around in these bad lads:

Some of them are totally tricked out - made to look like old Cadillacs or covered in sports team paraphernalia.   

After our time at the Villages was over, we headed north to Jacksonville.  We got to hang out with Kyle!

Who is a pain in the rear and refused to smile for a picture.
And we got to see Maria!

Who is way more cooperative in the picture-taking department!  Note our long pants and jackets.....
We ate great seafood (and great pizza!  Mellow Mushrooms, anyone?), walked the beach, went into cute (over-priced) stores and loved seeing our old friends!  

The only negative of our trip?  Our connecting flight home had 10 seats double sold.  Normally, we'd have jumped on the $400 flight vouchers, but the Hubby really needed to get home and study, since his books and notes may have been slightly neglected this week.  So we fought our way onto the plane, sat in the last two seats (last seats available, and last row of the plane).  Thinking that we'd won the battle, the flight attendant comes over the speaker and says that we are just waiting on the pilot, that he'd just landed from another flight and was on his way over to our gate. While we were waiting, we chatted with the girl next to us,  who is an RA in the dorm where the Hubby and I met, all those years ago...Finally, an hour and a half later of sitting on the tarmac (for our flight that only takes 29 minutes), we finally started moving. 

My conclusion on vacations?  No matter how wonderful they are or how relaxing they seem, the absolute best part of vacation is coming home.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful and relaxing vacation!! Hope you are both rejuvenated for the rest of the semester.

  2. Aw I love your vacation! I am so happy y'all had such a fabulous, relaxing time!

  3. I was kinda wondering where you went. :) Looks like you had a wonderful time, and I'm quite jealous of that sunshine! Hopefully we'll get to see some of the shiny stuff while our Spring Break is happening (next week!).

    P.S. The Irish Jigging and music were great!

  4. Ha, I just wanted to say that I love Farkle and "old people" games. :)


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