Rice Heating Pad / Foot Warmer

Do you have a rice heating pad/foot warmer?  Do you even know what I'm talking about?  If you do (and live somewhere other SoCal or Florida), you probably know why I'm enamored with mine.  If you're clueless (and live somewhere where it is going down to 15 degrees tonight like it is here), get ready to fall in love.  I use this puppy daily - primarily to warm up my side of the bed because I absolutely refuse to get into a cold bed and make the Hubby lay on my side to warm it up before I'll even consider getting in dislike cold sheets in the winter.  It's also really helpful to ease sore neck or back muscles, and you can use it anywhere (not plugged in like an electric heating pad).  Just pop it in the microwave for a couple of minutes and viola!  (Almost) Instant goodness.

Plus, Joann Fabrics has heaps of cute flannel prints.  

Just a sample!  I want to buy them all every time I'm in Joann's.  Which isn't weekly.  No way
I could write a whole little tutorial on how to make these, but why beat that poor dead horse?  I just took this one from V and Co and this one from Hippos and Dinosaurs, and combined the best of both of them: the removable "pillowcase" from V & Co (for easy cleaning), and the divided sections for the rice from Hippos and Dinosaurs (so that the rice stays evenly distributed).   The size of mine varies a little from these tutorials, with the finished size measuring about 9 x15 inches.  Also, I added in some dry tea to each of the rice-filled sections, so it gives off a lovely herbal scent every time it's heated up.  

If you go to make one and have any specific questions, ask away and I'll try to answer!  I mean, I must be a pro now, I've made five!!  Oh, and be prepared to have rice everywhere around your sewing machine, even if you are very careful whilst sewing.  

Now, for your viewing pleasure: random photos taken while making rice pads:

Shockingly looking good - remember that I have only owned a sewing machine for 3 months!
I adore this color thread!
This one is mine, and the first one I made.  I improved on the design for the following ones!  But I adore this fabric, and instead of calling it a 'rice pad' or anything logical, we just call it 'the birds.'  "Hubbbbbbbyyyy.....would you warm up the birds for me?????"
My new favorite gifts to make and give!  These were gifts for my girlfriends (the birds sneaked in there on the left end). Left to right: Shannon, Katie and Amanda.
"Sew" pretty, all it needs is a ribbon!
So do you have one?  Do you need one?  Can you barely hold back grabbing your fabric right now???? 

On that note, I think I could use the birds!  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)
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  1. I do not have one, and didn't think I needed one (until I heard you rave about yours). I am currently freezing & wish I had one!!! Hopefully will get time to make one soon!

  2. I just thought I would let you know, I gave you a blogging award, you should check it out.

  3. I love those patterns on the fabric! My husband had a fever of 101.9 today and one of these saved his frozen hands and feet! These are such a great thing to have!


  4. They always bugged me because I don't like the rice smell. The herb tea is Brilliant!!

  5. This is a very cool alternative. Such a very simple steps to be followed and well done.


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