Sometimes sewing is actually a hot glue gun and a lighter.

Spring is in the air!  At least I'm sure it is somewhere.  Maybe not here.  I mean, it was 30 degrees and sunny the other day.  So there is hope that this winter - like every winter before it - too shall pass.

I've been itching to make a new wreath for our door.  This is what our door looked like this Christmas, bearing a (somewhat) lovely (faux) evergreen wreath:

(That's probably misleading.  While our door did look like that at Christmastime, it also looked like that up until this past weekend).  Sorry for the terrible picture.  I was mildly embarrassed to be caught photographing our door by one of our neighbors, so you get a picture from a phone instead of from an actual camera. 
After some subtle hinting from the hubby, I got to work and started making a new wreath.  I braved the elements and did a little spray painting in our garage a little while back during our "February Thaw."  (Aside: I loathe the February Thaw.  We tend to get one every year, where it is unseasonably warm, in the high forties or maybe even fifty degrees for one day, maybe two.  Then the temperatures plummet and the snow returns and it's miserable again.  I'd just prefer not to have the Thaw than let my hopes get up, just to have them dashed again in a matter of hours).
Eww.  Please do NOT look at the floor of our garage.  I feel like I can be okay letting you see it though, because it's not my fault that it's nasty - It's the snow's fault.  Plus I don't park in the garage, the Hubby does.  So as payment for me scraping my car all winter, he'll have the joy of scraping the caked dirt-and-salt combo that is covering the garage floor come spring! 
It was originally just a plain-Jane brown grapevine wreath from Hob Lob, on sale half off for $2.50.  I painted it one of my favorite colors - Heirloom White (am I the only one whose favorite colors happen to be spray paint colors?  ORB anyone? Krylon's Ivy Leaf?  No?  I'm alone on this???  Dang it).  In case you're curious about why the wreath is hanging - it's the perfect way to paint without having to wait for one side to dry to flip and paint the other.  I learned this technique from one of my awesome Auntie K's (I have three of them!) and it is pure genius. 

After painting, I made some various fabric flowers out of felt, cotton and polyester.  Notice that I used the word made instead of sewed.  To quote my mother, "Sometimes sewing is actually a hot glue gun and a lighter."  (If you're wondering about how a lighter fits in - see here).

Please note - lighter technique can only be used on polyester (like the white and green fluffy flowers.  Do not attempt it on cotton, like the tan flower.  A real fire might result.  Also: do not ask how I know this. 

  This flat rolled green flower is made like this.

 And the tightly rolled felt rosettes use this technique.

This is on our bathroom door - remember, neighbors laugh at you when you stand in the hallway, taking photographs of  "nothing."
You probably couldn't tell in that first picture with the "Christmas Wreath," but our wreath hanger is a not-so-glamorous gold color.  I just wasn't digging it with this wreath.  I love hanging wreaths with ribbon like my Valentine's wreath, but that's not very practical for a door; it gets all bunchy each time you open/close the door.  

So I improvised using the leftover green fabric and made a "slip cover" for my wreath hanger. 

It totally looks fancier than it was to make.  I simply sewed a tube of fabric, turned it right-side-out and slipped it onto the wreath hanger.  Leaving it a little bit bunchy helped make it look a better.  Plus I'm on a mission to sneak ruffley things into our surroundings without the Hubby noticing.

At first, I had made the slip cover tight all the way through the hook of the hanger (the part that comes up around the front part of the wreath - know what I mean?).  Then, I realized that if I let out the stitches starting from where it begins to curve, it would be wider and look more like an actual piece of ribbon was holding up the wreath.  So out came the handy-dandy seam ripper!  (Just FYI-instead of hemming this polyester fabric (since it's not actually ribbon with finished edges), I just took a lighter to it to keep it from fraying).

It works so well with our door!  No bunching or banging.  We can't tell any difference from before. 

View of the back.  It's a pretty shabby sew job, but you can't really tell from the front!
There it is! The completed wreath on our bathroom door :)  Don't worry the asymmetrical look was actually on purpose.  Two quick pictures to prove that I actually put it outside (again, from the phone with terrible lighting). 

Don't you love the strange maroon color our door is, paired with the evergreen indoor/outdoor carpet?  Lovely.

Come on spring!  The Hubby+Mrs. are so ready to welcome you in with open arms!
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  1. I love love love this! I love the flowers! and the idea to cover the hanging mabob! I'm your newest follwer and checked out your blog on DIY party! Please check my blog out! You'll have some fun!
    God bless!
    B.Large Designs

  2. Do you live in the frigid upper midwest like I do? We go through the same thing in February and now it's snowing again. Sigh. Spring will NEVER get here! I love your wreath. Your hanger-cover is brilliant as well! And...I love that floor mat! Did you make it?

  3. Very pretty! Love the sping green color!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie last week! I can't wait to see what you have for this week!

  4. Thanks ladies! The wreath has been making all of my neighbors green with envy....

    Okay, maybe not. But at the very least, it's been making me smile!


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