The month of May

So I preemptively turned our calendar from April to May today, and my jaw dropped.  I never quite realized how action-packed the entire month is.  In the month of May, we have:

Eight of them!  That we actually celebrate with parties/gifts/festivities.  
  • One husband
  • One mother of the Mrs.
  • One mother of the Hubby.
  • One cute-to-boot niece
  • One turning-one-year old cousin (well, cousins' daughter.  What does that make the babe, my second cousin?  First cousin, once removed?  Genealogy is clearly not my strong suit).
  • One favorite solider in Afghanistan (who has a birthday package en route to him...not that I have any idea when he'll actually get it!)
  • One best friend of the Hubby's from medical school
  • One best friend of the Hubby's from, well, forever.  
  • Speaking of mothers...It's Mother's Day this month too (in case you'd forgotten)!  So we celebrate our moms and grandmothers. 
"Our Week": 
  • The second week of May.  Not this week, next week.  The week "free" of medical school.  The week when the Hubby gets to let his brain melt into a large puddle of oblivion (I'm kidding.  He'll really spend this time organizing and preparing for summer semester).  The week where we are actually going to return to each of our hometowns together, to mine the first weekend, and to his the second weekend, to spend time with our families, celebrate Mother's Day, attend my either-second-cousin-or-first-cousin-once-removed cousins' daughter's first birthday party (stay tuned for what I'm making for her...you're going to swoon!) and be reunited with dear friends.
Oh, and one other teeny tiny little thing... 

May happens to be the month that holds our wedding anniversary.  Remember how we're newlyweds?  That means that this is our very first wedding anniversary.   I feel like we should do something awesome, but I'm totally failing in the creativity department.  So I am turning to YOU my faithful dozen readers and anyone else who stumbles upon this.  How the heck should we celebrate?  I've been keeping my eye on Groupon to see if anything pops up but no luck so far.  We'd like to DO something, since we spend plenty of time in quiet companionship (read: Hubby studying, me doing quiet things).  There are a couple of roadblocks that might hinder our celebrating slightly:
  • Conundrum #1: Our anniversary is May 29th (someone right now is reading this, and thinking "Wait a second...Isn't that Memorial Day weekend?  Who the heck gets married on Memorial Day weekend??").  Well, we think the same thing too.  It was literally the only date that we could feasibly get married (thank you, 11 other sets of friends who got married last summer and beginning medical school).  So while it has its perks (3-day weekend), it's also a time that so many other people have free time and want to do things.  Like stay in cute little bed-and-breakfasts, driving the prices through the roof. 
  • Conundrum #2: Hubby has a pharmacology exam on Tuesday May 31st.  So we're going to have to be mindful/respectful of studying.
  • Conundrum #3: It's Memorial Day weekend (you're thinking - didn't she already cover this?).  My in-laws live on a lake up north, where Memorial Day weekend is always THE first big weekend of summer, when the docks and boats go in, and there's a huge celebration and all of the family and neighbors families are there.  Pardon me if I sound mildly selfish, but I really don't want to spend our first anniversary weekend with my in-laws, as wonderful as they might be. 
  • Conundrum #4: We're in medical school aka not tons of money floating around in the budget to use for frivolous celebrations. 
So if you made it this far, do a girl a favor and lend a hand and some advice:
  • What awesome and amazing ideas do you have for celebrating the first year of a marriage (for a reasonable price)?  
  • What awesome and amazing ideas do you have that are through the roof lavish, way over-the-top and completely out of the question (hey, a girl can dream, can't she?)?
  • How did you celebrate your first wedding anniversary?  
    • And, sub-question: Do you do anniversary gifts?  (That could be an entire separate post, but I'll leave it at that for now).


Royal wedding maddness

I can scarcely believe that I got up an hour early to watch the Royal Wedding, but what am I supposed to do, tell my someday-daughter, "Oh no, darling, I decided to sleep instead of watch the new princess get married."   That would be officially lame. 

Who's with me? 

(Though I will be happy to hear about something else on the news once today is over!)


If you're married to a medical student...

If you're married to a medical student who is taking a class on the art of the physical exam, then the following is not only completely normal, but most likely expected or encouraged.  Notice any interesting additions to our bedroom? 

Why yes, what a lovely lamp!  (She kids).  I'm talking about the obvious weird thing in our room.  It's a physical exam, all set up and just waiting to happen!  Actually, it's quite logical to leave it all set up so that whenever the Hubby is ready to practice any or all of the steps, he can do so without taking 10 minutes to get everything ready.  Isn't it such a nice addition to the room?  Let's take a closer look.  

Lovely.  Not exactly aesthetically pleasing, but practical nevertheless. Everything we'll need is right there and ready to go.

Not pictured: tongue depressors and gloves.

Clockwise-ish, starting at the top:
  • A: White coat.  Must be worn so that the Hubby can practice pulling things out of his pockets.  
  • B: Patient exam gown.  Not flattering.  Nor a good color on me. 
  • C: Ophthalmoscope (tucked safely in the case).  For examining retinas and the like.  The one which I shall not touch due to price.  
  • D: Blood pressure cuff.  (Would a ped's cuff make an acceptable birthday gift for the Hubby?)
  • E: Stethoscope.  For auscultating (I feel smart for knowing what that means!).
  • F: Tape measure.  Used to measure the size of the liver.  Mine's about 6cm, just in case you were wondering.
  • G: Pen. For marking the liver.  And I suppose taking notes.
  • H: Pen light.  For many things, like observing the thyroid.
  • I: Otoscope. To look in ears and noses.  Thank goodness those tips are disposable, because that's gross, yo.
  • J: Reflex hammer.  I have to look away for this to work. 
Not too long from now though, final exams will ALL be over for the spring semester and this cute room addition will be but a memory.  And the Hubby and I will enjoy an entire week free from medical school.  And then, it will start again ;)

[if you are creepy and liked this mildly creepy peek inside our bedroom, go see another one over here!]


Easter Story Cookies - a fabulous idea!

Saw this and had to share it with you!  It's from the Saving Addiction website, one of my favorites for money saving ideas (not that any medical student families/resident families need any help in that arena).

Easter Story Cookies are a recipe that involves both spiritual and physical preparation and is a great way to help make the meaning and miracle of Easter come alive to kiddos.  Prepared the night before, each ingredient represents an aspect of the Easter story, and Bible texts are read with each step of preparation to enrich the experience.

1 cup of whole pecans
1 tsp of white vinegar
3 egg whites
1 pinch of salt
1 cup sugar
Seal-able plastic baggie
Wooden mallet
Wax paper

Preheat your oven to 300 degrees. Your job is to read the texts, explain their relationship to what your child will be doing, and ask and invite questions. Assist when necessary, but let your child have a hands-on experience.

Read and Mix

Read John 19:1-3: After Jesus was arrested, He was beaten and mocked. Place the pecans in the bag and use the mallet to break them into tiny pieces.

Read John 19:28-30: When Jesus was on the cross He got thirsty, but they only gave Him vinegar to drink. Smell the vinegar and place it in a mixing bowl.

Read John 10:10-11: Eggs represent life. Jesus gave His life so that we could live—forever!  Add the egg whites.

Read Luke 23:27. Jesus’ followers walked with Him as He carried the cross. Many of them cried because they were so sad. The salt tastes like tears.  Place a pinch in the bowl.

Read Psalm 34:8. The sweetest part of the story is that Jesus loves us! Place the sugar in the bowl.

Now beat the mixture on high for 12-15 minutes until stiff peaks form. Notice how white the mixture is, and read Isaiah 1:18. Jesus is pure because He never sinned. When He forgives our sins, He makes us pure. Fold in the broken nuts.
Read Matthew 27:57-60. Drop generous teaspoons of mixture onto a wax paper covered cookie sheet. Each mound represents the rocky tomb where Jesus was laid.

Read Matthew 25:65-66. Put the cookie sheet in the oven. Turn the oven OFF and “seal” the door with a piece of tape. This completes the project. Go to bed.

In the morning, when you open the sealed oven, the tombs will be cracked open and hollow - empty!  Then read Matthew 28:1-9.

The key to this recipe is to let your child enjoy the experience. Don’t worry about the mess—it can easily be cleaned up. And don’t worry about the time involved. What better way to spend a Saturday night than to share with our children these life-changing truths: Jesus loves you so much that He died for you. And Jesus is so powerful that the tomb is empty!

Thanks so much to the lovely ladies over at Saving Addiction for sharing this idea - I think it's a great way to illustrate that Easter is about more than candy and the Easter Bunny.  Wouldn't it be great to have the kiddos be more excited about this in the morning than about their Easter egg hunt?

Have any of you mamas out there ever tried anything like this? 


Pinterest...are you in?

Welcome to my newest obsession: Pinterest.  Have you heard of it?  From their website's about page: 

Think of Pinterest as a virtual pinboard — a place where you can create collections of things you love and "follow" collections created by people with great taste.

People use Pinterest to collect and share all sorts of things -- wedding inspiration, favorite T-shirts, DJ equipment. You name it, people are pinning it.

We know you have great taste in something. Our mission is to make Pinterest the best place for you to share your taste with the world.

It is for real cool.  The Hubby is always making fun of my 10 million (and counting) bookmarks: inspirational ideas, photos I love, decorating trends, potential crafts to attempt, etc etc.  I always say that if my computer was to ever crash (knock on wood knock on wood knock on wood!), the worst part would be losing my bookmarks.  For me, Pinterest is a way to have my bookmarks with pictures, and to have them much more organized and easier to access.  If people happen to see some beautiful things and ideas from my boards, so be it!

I totally encourage you to go check it out.  It is currently "invitation only," so if you think that you'd like to join, leave me a comment or shoot me an email [mdschoolmrs(at)gmail(dot)com].  If you already have Pinterest, feel free to follow me, and I'll return the favor!


Medicine Ball: 2011 Edition

Long at last!  I know many of you have been holding your breath for this post; you may now exhale (I am, quite obviously, kidding).  But maybe you have been curious which dress I chose.  Maybe.  Just maybe.  

Well, if you remember from before, I had narrowed my choices to three cocktail-length dresses.  The vast majority of you voted for "Dress A," a sophisticated, modest black dress with all over lace.  Majority wins, so I was going with A.

Last Tuesday/Wednesday, my body began eating itself from the inside out.  Not really. But I got for real sick, and ranted about it to you all.  By Friday, my fever hit 101.5 degrees and I completely lost my voice.  Saturday rolled around and my fever had gone down a little, but I still had only a whisper.  The Hubby said we shouldn't go to the Medicine Ball.  I insisted that we must, as it is probably the only Med Ball we'll ever attend and we MUST make memories such as this; somehow I prevailed (probably because we had already shelled out $70 for the tickets).  So I am getting ready on Saturday, taking frequent breaks to sit and, you know, not pass out, and decide to try on Dress A to make sure I still like it.  And I did.  However.  Apparently when I tried it on for the photo shoot, I failed to realize that it was a poor fit in one (well, two) areas.  If it were my dress, I probably could have tacked it down with a needle and thread and made it work, but, alas, it wasn't mine to sew.  After rearranging it and me a hundred times, the Hubby deemed it a flop.   I tried on the silky little black dress and agreed with most of you - too va-va-voom.  The cotton with ruffled pink skirt?  Too casual.  I, naturally, panicked.  We were leaving soon and I was now back at square one.  Square zero?  Maybe even square negative one. 

I insisted that the Hubby ask his classmate, with whom we were riding, what his fiance was wearing.  She was wearing a long, black, fairly formal dress.  I took this as bad news with all of my short dress options - but the Hubby's face instantly lit up.  "MJ!" he exclaimed, "the black and red dress!"

Hubby swoops in and saves the day.   I had brought up an old dress from my parents' house but had kind of forgotten about it, as I was going for short dresses, and this was a long one.  Also, I think the last dry cleaning of the dress did a number on it - missing a hook-and-eye clasp, beads falling off, etc.  But.  This was my dress, so bring on the needle, thread, safety pins, tweezers and, yes, pliers.  Eleven safety pins, four surgical knots tied with tweezers (I mean forceps?) because the strings were so short and one bend of the remaining hook-and-eye clasp back into proper shape with the pliers, and this is the result: 

Please note that my hair not only ended in a pony-tail, but also started in one.  It was pouring rain and terribly windy, and I knew my curls wouldn't make it to the car.  So I busted out the side pony early.

You can't really tell from the picture, but the bottom of the skirt is very, very full.  It would have been fun to dance in, if I could have danced, but lets be realistic - walking was about as strenuous as I could get.  Enter: very old picture from college when I first bought the dress, modeling it for Heather, that I just copied off Facebook to demonstrate the fullness for you.  No, that's not my messy bedroom.  Never. 

Oh, do I ever miss my dark hair!

Anyway, moving on from old pictures.  I had made some super cute flower shoe clips to wear with the black lace dress to fancy up my plain black heels, but they were purple and obviously not matching my black and red dress.  I really wanted something fancy/frilly still, so I quick grabbed my hot glue gun and black feathers and made a little hair clip.  Please note that using a hot glue gun while pretty sick is ill-advised.  Pun intended.

This is post-ball.  I had already been sleeping in the car for an hour.  And it was really, really windy.  Hence the uber bad hair - but you get the idea.
After I was all safety-pinned into my dress, had my tiny little purse full of tissues, cough drops, medicine and more safety pins, I was mildly drugged all ready to go.  We rode to the other campus of the school where the Med Ball was being held with a lovely couple, she and I in both our long fancy gowns, taking comfort in the fact that even if everyone else was more casual, at least we wouldn't be the only one over-dressed.  Getting there, we learned that despite the fact that we were paying $35 per plate, it was still a cash bar (and that a single bottle of bud light cost $5) (not that I would have indulged in a cocktail regardless, because I was pretty DayQuilled up), enjoyed a yummy dinner with good company (though my steak was so rare, it was mooing still) and had shockingly good entertainment.  There were students who displayed various talents of singing, playing instruments, rapping (I know) and stand-up comedy.  The best part were the Med Ball Follies (funny little movie clips done by students).  Among others, there was a dub on the security cameras/technology in the new building, a great music video, a Jeopardy spoof and a Mean Girls spoof.  They were seriously so, so good.  The entertainment lasted until 10:30, which I'm sure most people thought was a little long, but I was perfectly content to sit, guzzle water, discreetly blow my nose and chow down on cough drops.  There was a lot of friendly rivalry between the two campuses of our Med School, comparing the original/old campus to our/new campus.  I don't think that the students at our campus appreciate quite how well they have it in their gorgeous, brand-spanking-new, state of the art building!

We stayed and chatted with people until about 11:30.  When I say "chatted," I really mean the Hubby told whoever we were standing by that I had lost my voice, and they'd all ask me how (like the tissue sticking out of my dress wasn't a clue) and I'd croak/whisper that I was battling a cold, and then would continue to nod along and smile for the rest of the conversation.  

All in all, it was a great night.  It probably would have been awesome, if I'd been a little more human and a little less in a sick daze.  I'm actually still in the sick daze.  I've dominated four-going-on-five boxes of Kleenex in the past week!  Pretty impressive, no? 

Perfect Mother's Day gift - Don't look Mom!

Hello, perfect Mother's Day gift!  Groupon (Milwaukee) has a great deal today: Spend $25 to get $50 worth of goodness at Coldwater Creek - aka my mother's favorite store!  It's valid either online or at any store - not just Milwaukee (a good thing, because we live on the other side of the lake!).  If you go to Groupon's website and look at the Milwaukee deals, it is over in the right-side toolbar as an online deal. 

Thought I'd share, in case your mother loves Coldwater Creek too!  If you've never bought a Groupon before, use one of my links, because we all love getting credit for sharing good news about a great deal ;)

And I know, I promised you a medicine ball recap last night.  However - the Hubby has his final exam in Physical Examination this morning, so I got to have two 45 minute - 1 hour long check-ups last night.  The Hubby just thinks it's awesome that he can hear the crackles in my sick lungs!  Tonight.  Come back tonight for med ball goodness!


More like Pure Ridiculousness

Photo date and time stamp?  April 18, 2011, at about 7.15am.  Pure, pure ridiculousness.  I can barely force myself to go out there and scrape off my car (hence posting about it instead??). 

This is why you never, EVER put away the wool socks, long janes/johns and boots until at least the middle of May.

(Med Ball recap coming tonight - hopefully!)



The blurriness is a great representation of the state of my mind.
Lately, I have had this little sore throat that has been threatening to become a for-real-cold for the past few days, but I kept telling myself it's just the changing season (not that I have any allergies, at all.  Besides lactose.  And I don't think that comes into play right now).  But yesterday afternoon, my little sore throat become a for-real-cold.  It totally knocked me out!  Very rarely do I get sick, but when I do, it can be a bit intense (or I'm a big baby. One or the other).  I drugged up enough to make it to a dear friend's going away soiree (love you Susie), came home, and collapsed into bed but couldn't sleep-every time I'd drift, I'd cough myself awake (and my poor Hubby, who had an exam this morning).  

So the above is the summary of my day today.  I had to eat oatmeal for breakfast.  Oatmeal = gross.  I don't like runny, goopey oatmeal, but it was the only thing I could think of that wouldn't hurt my throat more.  (I put marshmallows in it, redeeming it slightly).  

Sorry that I haven't been the greatest blogger as of late.  I haven't checked my email or responded to comments or anything and for that, I'm so incredibly sorry. Promise as soon as I can form cohesive thoughts, I will. 

Thank you all so very much for your opinions on the dresses.  I totally appreciate it!  At this point, I'm trying to figure out which would look best with watery eyes, a red/raw nose and kleenex stuffed into it.  Does that change anyone's vote?? :) 


Votes for Women!

And by that post title, what I really mean is: Help me decide which dress to wear to Med Ball! (Thank you to the gorgeous Dana for supplying me with heaps of choices!)

The pictures that follow are for real awkward.  I totally felt like a goon with a big cheesy grin in all of them, so I didn't smile at all.  After I looked at  them, I realized I was looking a little bit too much like a murderer...so for take two of my photo shoot, I plastered on a rather fake looking smile.  Here they are, cheesy-ness, side pony tail, awkward poses and all (seriously, what are you supposed to do with your arms??).

Option #1                                             Option # 2                                                 Option #3
Option #1: V-neck front, crew type collar in the back.  All over lace.  
Option #2: Top is black cotton, bottom is a mauve-purple silky ruffles.  It's belted because I have the world's strangest shaped body.
Option #3: V-neck front and v-neck back.  Silky, banded.

Okay ladies.  What are your thoughts?  Pros and cons of each?  Bear in mind that I'll be spending the evening trying to schmooze with the Hubby's faculty and instructors and attending physicians, along with the Hubby's classmates, then cast your vote!

I should probably show you all of the outtake photos.  Because they would make you laugh. A. Ton.  But they're really embarrasing.  It's a miracle I got any that were decent.  But here are a few to make you giggle.  Please, don't fall out of your seat.

A                           B                                 C
A: Apparently in pain. 
B: The "not-quite" smile
C: in a sing-songy, Scarlett O'Hara voice: "I've never had a single thought in my head in my life!"

This is totally unrelated, but can I also take a minute to say how much I *adore* the gorgeous ladies I've met through blogging?  Sometimes I'm convinced that you are the nicest people I know!  Thank you for being sweet, and thank you for being you!


How we roll (on a spring-like day)

The sun was out.  All.  Day.  Today.  Our thermometer read 70 degrees (in reality, weather.com said it was 61.  But we're claiming the 70).  The Hubby was in a procrastinating mood.  So we did what any logical couple would do:

We got out Indy.

Indy?  Who the heck's Indy, you ask?  We are a pet-free family (hallelujah).  However, we are not a bike-free family.  As in motor-bike.  Like, motorcycle.  (I think I got too much fresh air today).  She might not be the biggest bike around, and she might not be the baddest, but she's ours and we love every minute with her, along with what she represents (warm weather! freedom! lack of obligations! time together!).

Isn't she beeeeeeeeautiful?
I'll confess to you that these are old pictures, because they are taken at my in-law's house, and we were definitely not there today.  Also, that is the Hubby's old car in the background, so I'm thinking these were taken around the time he first got the bike, about three years ago.
The Hubby woke her up from her deep winter's sleep in the garage and we said a little prayer that she'd start without needing to have her battery recharged.  She did!  We were so excited to jump right on and take a little spin on the back roads.   (I was also VERY excited to find an uber cute farm down the road that had a roadside stand.  Can't wait for the fresh produce!). 

My riding boots.  If I were cooler, I'd probably wear them for things other than riding.
A cowgirl at heart?  Who, me?  No...never...

After our fun with Indy, we sat outside in the sunshine and read.  Well, the Hubby studied for his exam on Monday, and I read a novel that I can't put down.  Personally, I think my reading material is slightly more exciting than the Hubby's Mycology notes...

I'm not one to recommend a book prior to reading it completely, but I think I can do that with Redeeming Love safely

I truly hope that wherever you are, you had wonderful spring-like weather with sunshine today!  It truly is good for the soul


New look!

So....what do you think?  Like the fresh and new look of MD School Mrs., or despise it from first click?  I think I've removed all of the glitches that I caused (from my complete lack of html knowledge resulting in my Google-ing of every single step) during my overhaul, but if you come across any, please let me know!  

I'm loving the width allowing for larger photos, and the more spring-like feeling!  I was just getting so bogged down from the dark colors before. 

Change can be good!


"Eye Love You" : Eye Chart Printable

One of my BFF's is in optometry school.  Kate's a first year student, just like my hubby is a first year student, so she understands much better than most exactly HOW MUCH time and effort is required.  She's going to school about five hours away from where we grew up/where her family all lives.  Not seeing her very often stinks.  

What also stinks is that her fiance just deployed for his first army tour almost two weeks ago.  Now this would definitely be rough on anyone, but being five hours away from family and (most) friends and being a first-year student can't make it any easier.  Kate's been a rockstar through the entire thing though - she is so strong and so beautiful!  I wanted to send her a something to bring a little cheer her way, but I couldn't decide what!  Then, while looking through the Target ad last week, I saw this:

From Target 3.27.11 advertisement.  I can't find it on their website, or I'd do a link!

I liked it, but didn't love it.  I decided to make one myself, and giving it more of an "eye chart" feeling as opposed to "this would be cute in a nursery" feeling (though mine would certainly still be cute in a nursery as well!).  Here's what I came up with: 

Green is her favorite color, so naturally that's what I chose!  A quick print on white cardstock, and a simple, white, 8x10" frame finished it off! 

And because I love you (yes, YOU!) so much, I'm going to let you snag one for your favorite eye doctor, your friend in optometry school, or your aunt who works as the receptionist at the lasik eye place.

There are five colors available!  Click on the word link underneath for a free download.  They're perfectly sized to fit in an 8x10" frame.

                                                   Orange            Green               Purple              Pink                Teal

I think the teal one might be my fave:

If you're loving this but just wish it was in a different color, let me know and I'll do a quick fix for you.  Photoshop is great for making things like that a cinch!

Please note that these are for personal use only and may not be resold.

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A blogging award?? For me???

Guess what??!  (If you read the title of this post, congratulations, you already know the answer).  I was awarded my very first ever blogging award!  

Kelsey over at Life As I Know It gave me this award - go check her out!  She's super sweet and completely adorable...and 100% more fashionable than me!   Thanks again, girl.  You kind-of-pretty-much made my day ;)

Here are the requirements to receive this award:
  1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link them back in your post.  {point!}
  2. Tell seven things about yourself. {point!}
  3. Award fifteen recently discovered new bloggers. {Half point.  So I failed at hitting 15.  I'm going to keep the award until the Blog Police come take it away}.
  4. Contact these bloggers and let them know they have received this award. {point!}

So.  Seven things about me, eh?  Well, get ready for random.
  1. I have never seen the movie Titanic in its' entirety.  Or Star Wars.
  2. My hair is thicker than anyone else's you've ever met.  I routinely break combs and have to try to find the little teeth that are lost in the mess of hair.
  3. I'm a (fair-weather) (deer) hunter. 
  4. I am a windshield wiper controller.  If they are going to slowly or too quickly or need to be shut off because they are making that disgusting squeaky noise across the windshield, I will tell you. 
  5. I never ever paint my fingernails because I have the worst habit in the world of picking it all off within hours.
  6. Finding out about those secret blog readers (yes, that's probably you!) that I didn't know read my blog and then confess to me that they do is very fun to me.  Then I harass those people to leave me comment-love, because we all love comments.  I pretty much comment on every post I read if I have something meaningful to say, because I know how much I love to receive them.  Also, I think it's mildly creepy when people read your blog routinely but never comment on it.  (I think that was more than one fact!).
  7. All of that being said, I find discussing MD School Mrs in real life to be a little awkward and strange.  Much like talking about Facebook is for real weird and shouldn't be done. 
And now to award some bloggy friends the Versatile Blogger Award!  Seriously, most of the blogs that I read have been around for years and years.  So I'm trying to only give this to "new" bloggers, like the rules state.  I figure anyone on here for about one year or less is new...right?? 
(Notice how I didn't number them in hopes that you wouldn't count them!).   Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend...so far we've had rain, snow, sleet, hail and thunderstorms in the area.  But there are multiple days with 50 degrees (!) in our long term forecast.  Bring it on, Spring.  Bring. It. On.